The Dumbo Townhouses by Alloy Design; Don’t Let The Name Fool You…

© Pavel Bendov

Located at 55 Pearl Street in Brooklyn, New York (near the intersection at Water Street), the Dumbo Townhouse — designed by Alloy Architects — is a 18,000 square foot 5 unit housing complex that opened in 2015. Now, about that name “Dumbo,” which I should immediately correct at “DUMBO,” as the project involved the demolition of the existing single-story warehouse in the DUMBO Historic Section of Brooklyn.  The typical townhouse units at Dumbo measure at approximately 18′ wide (with the corner unit measuring at 19′ 2″ wide) with a raised private entrance at ground level. Each unit also has a shared drive with parking spaces for each townhouse, placed behind the garden level at grade. Continue reading “The Dumbo Townhouses by Alloy Design; Don’t Let The Name Fool You…”

Souto Moura Arquitectos’ First Project in the United States


You never forget you first. For me, her name was Atari; 7800 to be exact. What? What did you think I was talking about? Jeez, minds out of the gutters, people! Anyway, some images of Souto Moura Arquitectos’ first project in the United States have emerged. The soon-to-be five-story red brick (which, according to the Portuguese architect, was “most appropriate for this part of the city”) and concrete apartment building will be replacing a former gas station at 2715 Pennsylvanian Avenue NW in Washington DC. The building will feature a ground floor restaurant, eight 2,000-square-foot apartment units with balconies, a community gym and a penthouse terrace.  Continue reading “Souto Moura Arquitectos’ First Project in the United States”

Tiny Apt. Old PCs UFC Women Retired Punk – WIRed #103

It’s time for Episode 103 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a compact (yet roomy) apartment complex, ‘Kids React’ to the Apple II, female grapplers in EA Sports UFC, and the retired life of CM Punk! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Tiny Apt. Old PCs UFC Women Retired Punk – WIRed #103”

This 360 Building Goes ALL…THE…WAY…AROUND…

Question: I want you to point out the front façade to this building based on the picture above. Can you see it? Nope? OF COURSE NOT, because this building projects to ALL sides showing NO distinction between main and secondary façades!!! HA!!! Anyway, the 360º Building by Isay Weinfeld, located in São Paulo — aka the largest city in –, Brazil (home to 10 million+ people live within 947+ square miles) was introduced as an alternative to the vertical multi-family housing buildings commonly found, which simply just stacks basic, compact and cramped apartment units on top of each other. Though this and lack of open air spaces for outdoor activities, and lack of time for leisure activities due to long commutes and multiple commitments are commonplace in the city, how were these issues handled.
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The Multi-Purpose Living Cube Fits Life/Storage Into 100 Square Feet

Having recently gotten on-board the “Girls” bandwagon, I was particularly intrigued by the apartment belonging to recurring character Charlie Dattolo, which contained a series of custom space-optimizing casework, raised lounging platform over a bed alcove and a funky kitchenette. Seeing this had confirmed an personal preference that not needing a WHOLE LOT of space, just a smart method to utilize and maximize as much space as possible in a small setting.  This led me to find some work from a Swiss designer Till Könneker, who himself recently came up with a great way to maximize storage space in the limited space in his studio apartment.  Könneker created a loft bed called the Living Cube, which incorporates varied features ranging from an entertainment center, a clothes rack, and even a walk-in closet for keeping certain unmentionables out of sight. Continue reading “The Multi-Purpose Living Cube Fits Life/Storage Into 100 Square Feet”

Sounds Like A Bargain: The Two-In-One House

As someone who enjoys thrift-shopping for books, clothes, media, electronics and games, it’s obvious that I enjoy looking for deals.  I particularly love moments when purchasing one item (say a DVD movie or game), and then a second movie or game is included with the purchase.  When I first looked at images of this house, I thought it was a very nice and simple looking house, but it turns out that this is actually a two-unit apartment building! Like, WHOA!   Continue reading “Sounds Like A Bargain: The Two-In-One House”

You Wanna See This Award-Winning Micro-Apartment?!?

If there is one issue in particular that is affecting New York City, it is housing.  To address this concern, the adAPT NYC Competition was held in the city to find an example of an mini-apartment complex that could be developed into a new housing model for a smaller household population in the city.   The competition recently announced a winner (along with five finalists) in which many of the entries focuses on condensing the sizes of  typically larger living areas to save space, offering multi-functional rooms.  Each of the submitted proposals also include concentration on local community interaction, which makes up for the small apartment units with more public amenities provided in the building.   Continue reading “You Wanna See This Award-Winning Micro-Apartment?!?”

Frank Gehry Pulls a “Jenga” for this Apartment Building

Architect Frank Gehry has now left his stamp in the city-state of Hong Kong, after doing so in Los Angeles, New York, Prague, Bilbao.  The recently-completed Opus Hong Kong is a 12-story residential tower, and the architect’s first in Asia.

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