Anarchy Televised Championship: ACH vs Scot Summers vs Rachel Summerlyn (2011)

I LOVE independent professional wrestling. I love watching the rising stars of the business, the legends who come in, the great matches, the camaraderie of the crowd, the intimate venues, EVERYTHING. Indy wrestling should AND MUST be supported, because without it, there is no future for the wrestling business.  Case in point, here’s a championship match from one of my favorite indy wrestling promotions, Anarchy Championship … Continue reading Anarchy Televised Championship: ACH vs Scot Summers vs Rachel Summerlyn (2011)

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Who Is: Sara Del Rey

Sara Amato, better known by her ring name Sara Del Rey, is an American professional wrestler who was a mainstay for Chikara and SHIMMER, but also appeared for many other independent wrestling promotions in the United States, including Ring of Honor, IWA Mid-South and All Pro Wrestling, as well as Mexico’s Lucha Libre Femenil. She’s been the Women’s Champion in Canadian Wrestling Revolution, Impact Zone Wrestling, Jersey All-Pro Wrestling, Ohio Championship Wrestling, Remix Pro Wrestling, and SHIMMER, as well as a top talent in Chikara, Pro Wrestling WORLD-1, and Ring of Honor. Continue reading “Who Is: Sara Del Rey”

Follow the “Pro Wrestling Is Art” Tumblr Blog! NOW!!

Much like how most people look at ballet, a Broadway show, a film or photography, professional wrestling is very much an art form in its own (or any) right.  This photoblog on Tumblr, Pro Wrestling Is Art, is a collection of beautiful photography from various professional wrestling shows from around the world. The blog is a child project of, and its purpose is to highlight the beauty of the art form of pro wrestling and the photographers that capture the many moments of the in-ring (and out-of-ring) action.   Continue reading “Follow the “Pro Wrestling Is Art” Tumblr Blog! NOW!!”