The Poster & Red Band Trailer for “The Predator” are Out! #TheHuntHasEvolved

The Predator begins its hunt in theaters on September 14th, 2018. The red band trailer is after the break. Continue reading “The Poster & Red Band Trailer for “The Predator” are Out! #TheHuntHasEvolved”

Kuratas, the 13-foot mech: unleashes your inner Ripley, costs $1.35 million

Remember Troy’s Ripley-inspired costume from the zombie-filled Halloween episode of Community?  Or maybe you always wanted to your own personal Voltron and/or Megazord, right? Suidobashi Heavy Industries is about to make your dreams come true, as they have finally put the finishing touches on their most recent project.  That project is: a 4.4-ton Kuratas mobile suit, courtesy of artist Kogoro Kurata and robotics expert Wataru Yoshizaki for the robot frame.   Continue reading “Kuratas, the 13-foot mech: unleashes your inner Ripley, costs $1.35 million”

Monolithic Alien Spacecraft Masquerading as Bus Station

I was interested in how an architectural office resembled a theoretical alien spacecraft a few months ago, granted that my perception of what an alien spaceship looks like is based on a variety of science-fiction movies.  One thing I can say is that  the instant I set my eyes on this bus station in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain (congrats on the UEFA Championship, by the way), I’m almost sure that at least FIVE martian ships may resemble this design in some way or form. Designed by Spanish architect Eustáquio Martínez, the Intercambiador Padre Anchieta— also known as Interchange Station Padre Anchieta—was completed just this February and is obviously a huge contrast from the typical utilitarian design of bus stations. To counter the visual mass of the imposing roof structure, angular holes were punched through to allow plenty of sunlight through, and the green-colored buses serve as great complements to the structure’s bright color palette. What’s even greater is that this building comes off as a work of art, and that will hopefully discourage any potential vandalism.   Continue reading “Monolithic Alien Spacecraft Masquerading as Bus Station”