This Demake Of Legend Of Zelda Reminds Me of ‘Adventure’..

…but a little more detailed…kinda-sorta.  A little bit. OK then, not THAT much…

Just from being a little visually daunting at first sight, the iconic phrase from the classic game “it’s dangerous to go alone” may have never rang SO true before.  Right now, you can go play Ben Purdy’s The Legend Of Zelda De-make, deconstructed and reduced to its bare component concepts! Similar to the NES original, you play as the main protagonist named Link –represented by a green square — and your mission is to kill the antagonist named Ganon — likely represented as a dark block). During the course of the game, you’ll equip a sword (which is a brown block) and fight a variety of monsters and other enemies, like Octoroks to Moblins (represented by multiple blinking colors). Continue reading “This Demake Of Legend Of Zelda Reminds Me of ‘Adventure’..”

Torin’s Pasasge: An Underrated Classic

Back in the summer of 1995, our family got our first Windows-based computer, an IBM Aptiva running Windows 95.  Along with the computer came some free software, including the only type of software that interested a 10-year-old boy: VIDJA GAEMS! I loved playing “Caesar II”, “The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain”, and “Battle Beast”, the game I put the most hours into was “Torin’s Passage”, an underappreciated point-and-click adventure game designed by Al Lowe (of “Leisure Suit Larry” fame) from Sierra On-Line.  “Torin’s Passage” holds the distinction of being Lowe’s family-friendly game, a contrast from the adult-oriented “Leisure Suit Larry” titles — which surprised many fans of his work –, as Lowe stated:

“I think many people misunderstood Torin’s Passage, however. It was designed for a parent to share with a child, because I wanted a game that Megan (my then 11-year-old daughter) and I could play together.”   Continue reading “Torin’s Pasasge: An Underrated Classic”

Carmen Sandiego is going to Hollywood; may steal the iconic sign again…

Classic adventure game icon Carmen Sandiego is prime and ready to steal the bright lights of Hollywood (you know, like how she stole the sign back in 1985). Walden Media is in the process of adapting the classic educational series to the big screen, with Jennifer Lopez producing and possibly starring (please don’t, please don’t). The movie’s script is being written by Darren Lemke, who wrote the films Shrek Forever After and the upcoming Jack the Giant Killer. Based on those films, it is likely that the Carmen Sandiego project may in fact be a family-friendly flick and not some run-of-the-mill dark, edgy reinterpretation of the titular master thief (please look up the word “titular” before complaining).   Continue reading “Carmen Sandiego is going to Hollywood; may steal the iconic sign again…”

The (impending) Death of Hudson

“LONG LIVE THE BEE” Hudson Soft (or just “Hudson”), the gaming company popular for the Bomberman, Bonk, and –my personal favorite of the three- Adventure Island series, will be officially absorbed by new parent company, fellow gaming business Konami, on March 1st, 2012. After Hudson’s North American division offices closed down on March 31st of last year (with their final tweet saying “Dear Hudson fans. … Continue reading The (impending) Death of Hudson

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