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Hyperkin’s Game Gear/Master System/Master System Card Adapter for the Retron 5 to be released February 28th!

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I love my Retron 5. At its core, the Hyperkin-made system is able to play video game cartridges for the NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom, Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. Essentially, the Retron 5 plays an emulated ROM dumped from the original cartridge on a HD television via HD-friendly visual filters to select from. PLUS, you can save your game, take screenshots and add language translations for imports as patches! SCORE. But it seems Hyperkin isn’t settling with the Retron 5 being a 9-in-one system (or 10 if you have a Master System converter of some type), as this next announcement instantly caught my attention. Continue reading Hyperkin’s Game Gear/Master System/Master System Card Adapter for the Retron 5 to be released February 28th!


Don’t Worry About North Korea…

Get These Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Crayons Before Lucas’ Empire Strikes Back [Star Wars]

So apparently edible carbonite-frozen Han Solo’s aren’t nerdy enough; plus based upon Lucasfilm amending (or ruining to some) the Star Wars franchise, it’s strange that the marketing machine behind it hasn’t gotten into this part of the school supply market.  Of course, you can almost leave it all to Etsy to rectify this wrong, and in that case, thank you to Etsy seller extramoneyformommy for creating this set of crayons shaped like Han Solo in all his carbonite-frozen glory.   Continue reading Get These Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Crayons Before Lucas’ Empire Strikes Back [Star Wars]

My 5 Favorite CES 2012 Stories: Day 5

We have come to the end of the CES 2012 road, everyone. It’s time for my final news briefs about my 5 favorite products/stories introduced on the final day of the show. This is the 5th and last day of “The PractitioNERD” coverage of CES 2012, and here are my favorite stories from today’s CES coverage.

1) Live ESPN 3D boxing at CES! (but if it’s “live,” isn’t it 3D already?…. 
ESPN hosted a Top Rank Boxing event live from the CES show floor, which actually attracted a good crowd.  To show off how the event could be broadcast in 3D, the crew was using a Sony HDC-P1 camera system with 3D rigs by the Pace Cameron Group, which were all sent through a Sony MVX-8000x production switcher.  According to Engadget, the quality of the love 3D images were very impressive

2) Vuzix shows of its augmented reality “Smart Glasses” prototype 
….and visions of the Tiger Electronics “R-Zone” system dances in my head. Vuzix showed off a functional prototype for its Smart Glasses industrial class monocular display.  In other words, it’s a special lens attached to a main display driver that projects a bright, 1.4mm holographic picture for one of your eyes. The origins of the glasses go back to them being part of a DARPA project that would let soldiers involved in air-to-surface operations to track jets, check ordinance, and mark targets. While the tag price for the military / industrial monocle $2500-3000, the consumer version (with the same bells and whistles) will cost only between $350-600.  However either unit won’t be available until next year.  Smart Glasses > R-Zone.  Anything > R-Zone.
3) Canon’s New Cameras can Recognize your Face…..uh, creeeeeepy?Canon’s announcement of its new ELPH series of cameras, as well as the new PowerShot G1 X, brought along the discovery of a new feature: the face ID system.  The G1 X’s Face ID would be able to differentiate between children and adults, providing more focus to younger subjects that are in frame.  Also, the camera  has a built-in facial recognition system, allowing users to store details of up to 12 people on the camera (with names, birthdays, and multi-angled profile pictures), helping the camera focus on those individuals saved on the camera
4) AMD shows off its new Trintiy APUs and Lightning Bolt chipsAMD came into this year’s CES aggressive with the presentations of it’s upcoming Piledriver core-based Trinity APU chips, which come in three flavors (desktop, laptop, and “thin & light” — likely netbooks/tops).  The “thin & light” APUs are for use with slim-form PCs (i.e., ultrabooks) and only draw 17W, while providing similar performance of current generation 35W chips.  AMD also presented the Lightning Bolt, which can drive up to four displays (with up to 2 at 1080p full HD) and several USB 3.0 ports (while not yet reaching that speed) while providing power.  AMD aims to have Lightning Bolt be inexpensive to integrate to PCs, and is currently in the prototype stage.
5) Plextor’s new external DVD burner works with your TV (take THAT computer)!!Plextor’s newest external DVD burner, the PX-612U, connects via USB and works with TVs and media streamers without the need of a PC. Plexor’s PlexTV operates as a code translator that makes the PX-612U’s output appear to be just an everyday external HDD. It should be available within the next few months, but the price is still yet unknown.
[Thanks Gizmodo & Engadget]

My 5 Favorite CES 2012 Stories: Day 4

…and on the FORTH DAY (or third since Monday was technially Day 0), there were more announcements at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It’s time for some news briefs about my 5 favorite products/stories introduced today at the show. This is the 4th day of “The PractitioNERD” coverage of CES 2012, and here are my favorite stories from today’s CES coverage.

1) The Plextor’s PlexEasy backs up Pics/Phones/Tablets WITHOUT a computer

Pextor’s PlexEasy stand-alone DVD burner is making it’s way the the States after being announce in Europe a month ago. The drive can back up data to CDs/DVDs directly from a variety of sources — i.e., SD cards, cameras, smartphones, tablets, etc., all via USB. While it can be used without a PC, it can be connected to a PC to draw it’s power from any of the its USB ports. No price has been announced.

2) Sony shows off PSVita cloud saves and 3G functionality
Wow, MORE PSVita news?  You’d think I wanted to buy one of these! Destructoid’s Dale North tried out the game “Warrior’s Lair,” a third-person action RPG due out in late this year for the Vita, which has cross-platform play with the PlayStation 3 (enabling the player continue playing from one system to another via cloud save support). North started playing the game on a Vita, paused the game, chose the cloud save option, and (after save confirmation) was able to continue where he left off on the Vita on the PS3 within 30 seconds.  The “fast and flawless” operation of the AT&T 3G connection was used while North was playing “Unit 13,” a third-person action-shooter due out March 6th, and was able to play online with the 3G connection (along with viewing game messages, leaderboards, rankings, prompts, etc.).

3) How it feels to hold the Wii U controller
Destructoid’s Conrad Zimmerman commented that the controller for Nintendo’s upcoming console was “deceptively lightweight,” even with its internal battery. He also noted the great positioning and pressure/tension of the more-traditional controller inputs (analog sticks and face buttons).  I’ll let his own words speak for itself:

“In an odd sort of way, the Wii U controller reminds me more of holding an open book in my hands than a gaming accessory. The extra depth allows the meat of the palm to rest at the base with no tension, thumbs aimed upward. In fact, this larger form factor may actually wind up being more appropriate for lengthy play sessions than the standard controller designs we’ve become so accustomed to wrapping our hands around.”

4) Behold the Power of Razer’s Blade gaming laptop
Razer’s Blade gaming laptop may weigh only 7 pounds and is under 1″ thick, however it packs a heck of a punch in terms of its features: an Intel Core i7 processor, an NVIDIA GT655M, 8 GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. The laptops’s stylish aluminum casing and beautiful 17″ LED display doesn’t hurt either.  Another star feature of the laptop is the “Switchblade” interface, which is essentially a traditional trackpad on steroids (since it’s a full-fledged touchscreen with 10 easily-configurable dynamic buttons) with numerous possibilities of functionality.  And how much would you pay for one, pry tell? TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED NINETY-NINE US DOLLARS!!

5) Sharkfin Promises Custom-Fitted Earbuds For Just $5
What do I love the most about the included set of headphones that came with my Samsung Epic 4G phone?  They are adjustable/customizable inner-earbud headphones that block out outside sounds and they don’t FALL OUT OF MY EARS (which is a problem I’ve ALWAYS had with earphones; they kept friggin’ falling out)!!!  Before, finding these type of earbud headphones that would STAY IN MY EARS were expensive, but Sharkfin is intending to offer a set of grey and black soft-squishable material for $5.00 that when molded together are able to chemically react within 5 minutes (hmm, for $5, huh) to form a flexible shape of the wearer’s ears that will never loose that shape.

[Thanks Destructoid, Engadget, & Sharkfin]

My 5 Favorite CES 2012 Stories: Day 3

It is DAY THREE of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, everyone!! You know what that means (if you’ve been reading this since Monday) right? It’s time for some news briefs about the products/stories introduced today at the show. This is the third day of “The PractitioNERD” coverage of CES 2012, and here are my favorite stories from today’s CES coverage.

1) Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Q180 HTPC hands-on
I love home theater PCs (HTPCs) and everything about them (see here), and Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Q180 is one of the smallest desktop PCs (at 22 mm-thick) and affordable (starting at $299). The Q180 comes with a Blu-ray drive (it even uses magnets to hold the Q180 to the Blu-ray drive and a USB adapter), and an N5902 keypad makes the IdeaCentre an HTPC that can be easily hidden. The Q180 is powered by a 2.13GHz Intel Atom dual-core CPU, features HDMI, USB 3.0, and VGA outputs, and supports full HD and 7.1 surround sound. Now I get a step closer to my cut the cable/satellite plan.
2) Warpia unleashes WarpiaTV, wants to be your web service middlemanWarpia’s television service, WarpiaTV, acts as a middleman between the internet and your living room by combining their browser with a motion controller with seven buttons and providing access to online services (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and stored media on a hard drive. The device comes in both a wired version ($80) and a wireless version ($120).

With the increased popularity of Near-Field Communication (NFC), there are still some concerns about security and privacy (due to personal information stored in NFC tags and mobile payment applications — like Google Wallet — could easily be compromised if your stuff goes missing, i.e., stealing). While most existing services like Google Wallet are focused on security, its not the case for every other service that uses NFC technology. NXP Semiconductors is working on a smart card that adds an extra barrier of entry/security, requiring you to draw gestures (i.e., signatures), patterns or enter PIN codes in order to unlock files on your computer. Hope you don’t mind waiting for 6 – 12 months…

4) Olympus looking to Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and others to solve its money problems?Poor, poor Olympus; after the recent and infamous $1.7 billion accounting scandal implicating its OWN management on the highest levels, leading to them suing their OWN executives AND president for fraud. Now it seems that they just cannot catch a break, as Reuters has reported that Olympus is in financial dire and might partner up with Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Fujifilm or Terumo Corp. to get some extra cash just to keep going.

I honestly could not find any particular item in this category that raises any interest to me, other than the sheer number of new items of these types of devices that are being shown at CES this year.

[Thanks Engadget, Gizmodo]

The Macho Man in "Skyrim"? OOOOOH, YEEEEEAHHHH!!

This is what happens when the all of the dragons in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” are replaced by soon-to-be WWE Hall-of-Famer, “The Macho Man” Randy Savage.  Get ready for the MAAADDDDNNESSSSSSS!!!!!

[Thank you Joystiq]

My 5 Favorite CES 2012 Stories: Day 2

Welcome one, welcome all. Day 2 of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has come to an end, which means that it’s time for some new briefs about the products/stories introduced today at the show. This is day 2 of “The PractitioNERD” coverage of CES 2012, and here are my favorite stories from today’s CES coverage.

1) Analogix Slim Port Allows Video Out From Your Smartphone to the TV (via microUSB!!)

Thank you, o’ great mini device!! The Analogix Slim Port uses technology that allows mirroring the image on any smartphone and/or tablet screen onto a television via MicroUSB (negating the need for mircoHDMI or MHL ports on a device). What Analogix uses is a DisplayPort based-chip embedded in the jack part of the cable, allowing it to connect with HDMI, VGA, or even DVI. You can purchase one of these via Belkin and BizLink (since Analogix is selling this on an OEM basis) this summer between $20 and $30. This is a definite BUY for me!

2) Vizio’s 2012 HDTV lineup features 3D, Google TV and ultra-widescreen (Say Whaaat?!?)
Ultra-widescreen is ultra-loooooooonnnnnnnnggg. Has Vizio shown up on my list again (you guys **hands on waist**) Well, Vizio has introduced the new M3D series of 3D HDTVs in a 47- and 55-inch model, with both models featuring “VIA Plus,” which is Vizio’s own skin of Google TV (kind of like TouchWiz on Samsung Android phones). Vizio has also introduced up three 21:9 “CinemaWide” ridiculously ultra-widescreen WFHD (2560×1080) models, in sizes of 50-, 58- and 71-inches, all models including 3D and Yahoo! Widgets (with HDTVs without Google TV will still include Yahoo TV widgets). Currently, prices and ship dates for all the new TVs are still unknown.

3) Engadget’s Live Demo of Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2
Do you want to watch someone try to break some glass?  Well, I do apologize you lil’ ne’er-do-wells, but that won’t be happening.  Corning’s newest iteration of its Gorilla Glass series is about 20% stronger than its prior version. In fact, when the crew of Engadget attempted to break (or at least crack) it utilizing 120 lbs. of pressure, the glass wouldn’t even crack.

4) Introducing The Rocstor Amphibious Secure (and I Mean Secure) Hard Drive
Do you like having your portable external hard drive around, with all of your files, pictures, music and videos?  Don’t like having that device just sitting on your desk all willy-nilly while someone else may attempt to access your files.  Well, worry no more.  Rocstor’s new Amphibious Secure hard drive offers real-time encryption with BOTH a Smart Card AND a keypad. The device uses a SATA HDD (up to 1TB) or SSD, connects via USB 2.0 or Firewire 800, and protects all stored data with AES-256 bit key strength with a FIPS 140-2 validated crypto module. For safety in the aspect of durability, the Amphibious is encased in aircraft grade aluminum alloy casing.  Oooo, fancy!!

5) Gaikai & LG Partner Up to Make Smart TV Gaming Service
If you’ve never heard of OnLive, they are a subscription-based cloud gaming platform at allows members to play video games via its Microconsole, PC client software, and tablets (from many, MANY servers), without the need of physical media or even downloading the game.  Now Gaikai, essentially a rival to OnLive (despite that it’s on-demand and without subscription fees), is attempting to get a jump into providing their own platform into as many living rooms as possible before OnLive does.  To do so, they are teaming up with LG to create a line of Smart TVs that will integrate the Gaikai gaming service sometime this year.

[Thanks Engadget]

My 5 Favorite CES 2012 Stories: Day 1

Well, it’s another year, which means (to techies and gadget-nerds like myself) it’s time for the yearly edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  Now that day one of CES is complete, I want to give a few briefs about the products/stories introduced today at the show.  I will be doing this for the rest of this week, so now, here are my favorite stories from day one of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

1) Belkin’s WeMo Home Automation System lets you control your outlets with your smartphone & more

The WeMo Home Control Switch is a nice little device for those looking for more control over saving power use in their homes, as well as possible security.  The Home Control Switch is a plug that also works as a programmable on/off for any device plugged into it, while the WeMo Motion Sensor detects any surrounding movement and can be programmed to power on any electrical item plugged into it (they can even work in conjunction with each other). Both items require the free WeMo app, while the Home Control Switch will set you back $49.99 and the Motion Sensor will be worth $59.99. They will be available in the US in March, with more devices coming this Fall.

2) Powerbag allows new ways to charge almost all of your electronics

As someone who takes a number of electronics with them on an everyday basis, it sucks to want to be able to get to a device (either out of leisure or necessity) and find that its battery life is drained.  Each Powerbag contains a battery with integrated USB cords for use with Apple and microUSB devices, and runs at the price of $140.

3) Motorola joins HomeGrid Forum to provide G.hn powerline networking

Essentially, the aspect of powerline is to carry data on a conductor also used for electrical power transmission; so instead of having a number of ethernet cables being strung all around your home from the main modem/router, you would just need to plug the cables into wall outlet devices in one room, and have the output come out of the wall outlet device in another room.  Motorola announced that they would be becoming a part of the HomeGrid Forum to be part of the effort to establish a powerline networking standard.

4) Vizio officially introduces varied all-in-one PC and laptop models
Uh-oh, it appears that Vizio is looking to encroach into the slim-and-streamlined design aesthetic of computers best known from that other gadget/tech company named after a fruit (psst…….it’s Apple).  And while Microsoft will be supplying Windows 7 to the devices, they will be free of bloatware (hmm, no Microsoft OR Vizio bloatware; I’ll believe it when I see it).  The 24 and 27-inch all-in-one PCs will debut with the 14 and 15.6-inch thin + light laptops, and the 15.6-inch standard laptop.

5) Netflix to be on the PlayStation Vita
**insert squealing noise here**  Could you sense my excitement over this?  If you could not and are not aware of my current interest in the PlayStation Vita (read here), I was happy to hear that Netflix would be available on the device with that beautiful high-def OLED front touch screen; hopefully by the time the system launches on February 22nd.  Man, I am going to lose soooooooo much time with this feature (aside from playing games on it, of course.)

[Thanks Engadget (1, 2, 3, 4) and PlayStation Blog]

BEWARE: The Biggest SCAMS on the Internet

Oh Internet, how do I love and enjoy thee; the abundance of information and service you provide and the ability to accomplish and finish tasks at a very convenient fashion. However, this ability to make an abundance of information and services readily available also attracts ne’er-do-wells looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

Below is a video from one of my favorite web shows, “Tom’s Top 5,” hosted by Tom Merritt. Tom is a former executive editor for CNET, and currently works at This Week in Tech (or “TWiT,” for short) as a host of Tech News Today, Current Geek, FourCast, East Meets West, Top 5 and Sword and Laser. In this episode, Tom discusses the top 5 Internet scams that, unfortunately, have duped many innocent and unsuspecting people and made a some selfish and greedy *wagging my finger* con-artists very wealthy. You watch “Tom’s Top 5” on YouTube and on the Revision3 internet television network.