Everyone, Stay Calm, Pay Attention and Patiently Watch the Teaser Trailer for ‘Frozen 2’ in an Orderly Fashion…

Ok now; breathe. Take a few deep breaths. Are you alright? Good. Now on to the official stuff! From the Academy Award®-winning team—directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, and producer Peter Del Vecho—and featuring the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, and the music of Oscar®-winning songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2” opening in … Continue reading Everyone, Stay Calm, Pay Attention and Patiently Watch the Teaser Trailer for ‘Frozen 2’ in an Orderly Fashion…

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Did You Know You Could 3D-Print Metal?! Did You Know It’ll Be EASIER to 3D-Print Metal Thanks to Desktop Metal?!

Some Hackers Built a Prosthetic Nerf Blaster That Fires by Flexing Your Arms!


BRUH! WHERE WAS THIS WHEN I WAS A KID! I had to use my hands like it was a baby’s toy! Anyway, this was done for a pretty good cause, though. A group of hackers at Hackerloop wanted to level the Nerf-fighting playing field for Nicholas Huchet, an individual who didn’t have a full arm, by building him a custom Nerf blaster prosthetic with the ability to automatically fire a projectile by simply contracting his forearm muscles. According to the Medium post, Hackerloop’s Valentin Squirelo chronicled the build in great detail, which included the use of custom 3D-printed parts, Arduino-based electronics, some electromyography sensors that could detect muscle movements, and — of course — a couple of hard-to-find Nerf Swarmfire blasters (hint: the blasters’ round design was VERY optimal for the build). Continue reading “Some Hackers Built a Prosthetic Nerf Blaster That Fires by Flexing Your Arms!”

The More You Use This Memo Pad, More Architectural Sculptures Are Revealed…

Japanese company Triad created this unique set of memo pads, called Omoshiro Blocks (or “fun blocks”), which slowly reveals an architectural sculpture as you remove each page from the pad. It’s almost like you’re excavating a historical structure while making daily reminders to yourself! SCORE! Thanks to the precision of laser-cutting, these Omoshiro Blocks let it users make notes on over 100 appealing sheets of colored paper, while at the same time unveil amazingly detailed 3D architectural treasures distinctive to each note pad.  The pads contain tiny paper replicas of historic sites, ranging from the Tokyo Tower, to Sensō-ji, to the Buddhist Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, and more. Continue reading “The More You Use This Memo Pad, More Architectural Sculptures Are Revealed…”

This is The SparkMaker, a Very Affordable Desktop SLA 3D Printer…

Let’s go back, kinda-sorta way back, back when 3D printing was just starting to enter into the mainstream. Back then the only 3D printers available for the consumers market utilized a popular technique reffered to as the filament deposition modeling process, or FDM. FDM 3D printing involves a printer feeding a single strand of a plastic filament through a hot nozzle and layer-by-layer carefully deposits the molten plastic onto a build plate, thus creating a 3D object. Despite FDM being the most popular type of 3D printer, recently a newer technology called stereolithography, or SLA, is starting to shake-up the 3D printing market.

Continue reading “This is The SparkMaker, a Very Affordable Desktop SLA 3D Printer…”

Doctors Will Start Using 3D-Modeling Before Your Next Sinus Surgery

This story intrigues me as someone who has had allergies and sinus issues every year since the age of two, and surgury is something I’m strongly considering. Now, the sinus’ close proximity to the eyes and brain (including its super-sensitive nature) means that the single slip of the surgical scalpel can result in negative and permanent repercussions. Because of this, researchers at the Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center have developed a 3D-modelling technique that maps out the sinus cavity of each patient before their surgery, giving doctors the opportunity to practice the upcoming procedure and see exactly what effect (if any exist) the surgery could have on the patient. Continue reading “Doctors Will Start Using 3D-Modeling Before Your Next Sinus Surgery”


BattleBots Is Back After Ten Years, And It's Bound To Be Incredible

OH. HECK. YEAH!!!!! BattleBots is coming back to television this summer, as many homemade robots will battle to the death (of the electronic/mechanical equivalent of such) , just as Issac Asimov intended. It’s likely that the robots will be faster and stronger than before since the last time BattleBots was on TV was well over a decade ago. According to Deadline, ABC will air six episodes of the show this summer, and while that might not sound like a lot, I’m still very, VERY excited about it!! Continue reading “The RETURN…of…BATTLEBOTS!!!!!”

Designers Are Ditching The Mouse For The “Flow” 3D Motion Touch Controller


If you’re a designer of nearly ANY trade, then many of you feel that sliders are terrible. You might accidentally move your cursor or element just a little too far to the left; a little too far to the right. Plus, sometimes EVEN THE MOUSE can be frustrating method to control applications like Photoshop, Final Cut, AutoCAD or even Spotify. However, this new input device from Senic called Flow allows you to play your computer like an instrument, as it offers and relies on infinite dexterity through feeling instead of sight. Continue reading “Designers Are Ditching The Mouse For The “Flow” 3D Motion Touch Controller”

Soooo Many Memories of ‘WCW Vs. The World’…

File:WCW vs. the World.jpgLet’s be honest: at least in America, many of the professional wrestling games we got were mostly clones on 2D fighting games, and while some were decent, most were downright awful.  In Japan, they go to enjoy the spoils of the Fire Pro Wrestling series (for more, read THIS), a FANTASTIC pro wrestling video game series, and for those here in the states who knew of the FPW games, we wondered when could we get our shot at the title (game title, that is).  Well, after I got my PlayStation in 1998, one of the games I picked up at FuncoLand (remember them) was 1997’s “WCW Vs. The World,” and I WORE…THAT….GAME…OUT! Continue reading “Soooo Many Memories of ‘WCW Vs. The World’…”

Uncle Flair Prints Car Mola – WIRed #118


It’s time for Episode 118 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a kit that teaches architectural structures, a 3D printed cars takes a test drive, the fate of the games from the Atari Landfill, and the Nature Boy takes on Uncle Grandpa! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Uncle Flair Prints Car Mola – WIRed #118”