City of Alamogordo to Auction off 800 Atari Cartridges


Apparently digging up these copies of the much-maligned game was much easier than trying to get out of the pits in the ACTUAL E.T. game on the Atari 2600. Those things were practically impossible to get out of!

Anyway, that landfill was the spot in which Atari dumped truckloads of merchandise around midnight in 1983 after Atari’s game E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial tanked in a tough market, contributing to the Video Game Crash of 1983. Since that midnight disposal, there was much speculation and rumors regarding both the location of the landfill chockfull of Atari paraphernalia and whether or not the landfill even existed. After Microsoft paid to dig up the location for a documentary on the history of video gaming, the dig occurred and the 800+ games (along with Atari catalogs and promotional materials) were found! Now, they’re up for auction. Continue reading “City of Alamogordo to Auction off 800 Atari Cartridges”

New Games with Atari 2600 Game Covers; What A Twist!

One of  my favorite artistic fads involves the re-imagining current (or fairly recent) video games with an old-school 4-to-8-bit style twist. While I do enjoy my share of pixel art remakes of modern-era games, it’s starting to get a little overdone. Because of that, it’s wonderful to see on retro style game art that goes further back from the ever-popular 8-bit era….by going back to the “2 bit-era.”   Continue reading “New Games with Atari 2600 Game Covers; What A Twist!”