Razor Ramon vs. Owen Hart: WWE King of the Ring, 1994

At WrestleMania X, Owen Hart defeated his brother Bret Hart in a classic, five-star-quality match that kicked off the show, and it became a defining win of Owen’s career to that point as it immediately lifted him into becoming a top main event heels in WWE.  However, Owen had little time to revel in his victory, as he would watch Bret celebrate his second WWE Championship win in the show’s main event, and feeling as if he was back in his big brother’s shadow. If probably didn’t help that at the same show, Razon Ramon made history with “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels by becoming the undisputed WWF Intercontinental Champion in a classic and very memorable ladder match (which was NOT the first ladder match in WWE). Continue reading “Razor Ramon vs. Owen Hart: WWE King of the Ring, 1994”

Electronic Arts Waxed Nostalga on NHL ’94’s 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary of  NHL ’94, and while it wasn’t the first hockey game produced and published by Electronic Arts (EA), it’s often pointed to as a favorite in the long-running game series — even though they took out fighting :’-( .  To celebrate this event, both EA and the NHL put together a tribute.  NHL.com has posted some written and video features, interviews with players who played the game as children/teenagers, and a NHL ’94-ized Pavel Datsyuk highlight reel.   Continue reading “Electronic Arts Waxed Nostalga on NHL ’94’s 20th Anniversary”

ECW Secedes from the NWA as Shane Douglas Denounces NWA Title (1994)


In 1994, after World Championship Wrestling (WCW) withdrew from the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), their Eastern Championship Wrestling (ECW) territory became the most televised wrestling show within the entire NWA.   Due to this, the tournament for the vacant NWA World Heavyweight Championship was held in ECW’s home territory in Philadelphia, PA on August 27, 1994. After feeling like they were under the thumb of the power plays and unfair politics from the NWA board and officials, ECW began contemplating a plan to secede from the NWA in a controversial and public manner that would attract wide attention to ECW and insult the NWA organization as a final act of defiance.  Check out the rest of the story and the video of the “Birth of Extreme” incident below. Continue reading “ECW Secedes from the NWA as Shane Douglas Denounces NWA Title (1994)”