Did You Get Your OnePlus One Android Phone Yet?

You Can Buy a OnePlus One Starting Next MonthIf you’ve a smartphone aficionado who’s been browsing the world wide interwebz lately, you’re aware that the OnePlus One is a fantastic Android (through CyanogenMod) phone with a fantastic price tag. But, like with many awesome things, the One Plus One is pretty darn near impossible to find one to buy. Why, because you needed an invitation (which ranged from impossible requirements to straight-up near-sexist marketing tactics; i.e. the “ladies-only selfie contest”) to buy a OnePlus One, but that is about to end, because THIS MONTH you’ll be able to just go ahead and buy one, if you’re quick enough. Continue reading “Did You Get Your OnePlus One Android Phone Yet?”

Thanks for the Memories, Nintendo Power!

https://i2.wp.com/www.destructoid.com//ul/239590-NintendoPowerFinal-Header.jpgIn the age of instantly-updatable news and updates in video game news and reviews, it was only a matter of time before the big dogs and mainstays of print video game media would go the way of the do-do bird. First, Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) bit the dust, followed by GamePro last December, and now Nintendo Power is ending publication. If you look above, you’ll see the magazine on the left is Nintendo Power #1, and the right is Nintendo Power #285, the final issue, available on this coming Tuesday, December 11th. Sigh….   Continue reading “Thanks for the Memories, Nintendo Power!”

The 1st Year Anniversary of “The PractitioNERD” Blog! YAY! A WHOLE YEAR!


One year ago today, I was still in search of a job to speed up my career in architecture after getting my Masters, and seeking an outlet for my other outside interests of gaming, tech & gadgets, and professional wrestling.  Rather than wait for new job to begin to start the blog, I was inspired by Bishop David Copeland, that “if you have a passion, if you have a gift, don’t sit on it.”  That same week, I began researching blog hosting sites and names for the blog.  It started out, pre-launch, as “The Nerdy Life,” yet it really didn’t really spark with me, and I was encouraged by my family to try inventing a word that could mean the same thing.  It resulted in compiling words that ended in “ner,” as I was dead-set on incorporating the word “nerd” in the title.  My eyes scrolled up and down the screen, and there it was: “practitioner.”  That same week, I launched the blog as “The PractitioNERD, ” and defined the new word from a combination of the meanings of “practitioner” and “nerd” as:

“One of superior skills or intellect who practices something, especially an hobby, topic, occupation, profession, or technique, that does not conform to society’s beliefs and trends, and who will make a radical change in the world.”

Continue reading “The 1st Year Anniversary of “The PractitioNERD” Blog! YAY! A WHOLE YEAR!”

The $1 Smartphone Projector

If you keep track of tech or just happen upon a projector at your local store or newspaper ad, you’ll notice how expensive they can be.  If you’re thinking about creating your own projector for, of all things, your smartphone on the cheap, then Instructables user “iamaledgend” has a little project for you to take a peek at. You’ll need the following items: a magnifying … Continue reading The $1 Smartphone Projector

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The NEW One World Trade Center: The Soon-to-be Greenest Skyscraper Ever!!

In New York City, a golden phoenix is rising out of the ashes and rubble of Ground Zero. It is……..a brand, spanking-new skyscraper.  The new One World Trade Center Complex (1WTC) is on the way to being the most environmentally and technologically advanced structure ever attempted at this scale.   Continue reading “The NEW One World Trade Center: The Soon-to-be Greenest Skyscraper Ever!!”