Mega Man 3 > Mega Man 2. Deal With It!

I sent a tweet (on Twitter; of course….) when I first read this story on a few months ago.  Colin Moriarty, an editor, wrote a story about a discussion he had about why he considers Mega Man 3 to be a better game than Mega Man 2, which is widely regarded as the best classic Mega Man game in the series.
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The New DARK KNIGHT RISES Teaser Poster

I went to the Dark Knight Rises webiste, and all I have to say is:


I can’t wait for this!! Heck, I can’t wait to see the teaser trailer (I know it’s gonna show before HP7, Part II, but I’m not THAT much into the Harry Potter films; so YouTube, I’m waiting on ya’….).

I’m so hyped for this movie, although it’s a FULL YEAR away, that I’m gonna re-watch Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (on Blu-Ray) RIGHT NOW!!!!

If you can’t wait for this movie, lemme hear you say YEAAH!!!!

What?! A Visitors’ Center That’s NOT Boring?!

At first sight, this DEFINITELY looks much better than any visitors’ center I’m used to seeing.  ANYWHERE!

This is the Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion, designed by Marlon Blackwell, at the 100 Acres Art & Nature Park at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, located in (you guessed it) Indianapolis, Indiana.  The first thing you’ll notice is the ipe screens that are spread across the steel exoskeletons of the center’s canopy, walls, and deck.  As a result of this, the ipe screens wrap all of the structure’s program rooms, areas, and spaces.

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Spongebob Squarepants IS REAL…well, it’s a Fungus

And it’s proven and discovered…BY SCIENCE!!!

The above picture is the fungus called Spongiforma squarepantsii.  Yeah, no fooling; that’s the actual scientific name.  This fungus was discovered in the rain-forests of Borneo last year by a group of researchers who, after noticing its behavior similar to a sponge, named it after the famous Nickelodeon cartoon character.  So, he doesn’t quite “live in a pineapple, under the sea,” but more-or-less “in the rain-forest, under a tree.”

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YES to Home-Theater PC, NO to Cable/Satellite…

In the past 4 years, I have become disillusioned of cable/satellite television subscriptions (though we have DirecTV at the house), and I have discovered five things about my television habits:

1) I have scaled-back the amount of television I watch,
2) I spend more time playing video games and watching DVDs/Blu-rays than television,
3) Most of what I watch is available online anyway (via Hulu, Netflix, Revision3, Clicker, Crackle, Vudu, YouTube, network websites, etc.),
4) I can watch same-day-released movies for a single one-time rental (or purchase) fee on Vudu and Amazon VOD, or some older movies for free on Hulu,, and other legal sites (rather than paying the additional monthly subscriptions for premium movie channels from Cable/Satellite companies.
5) I no longer mind waiting from a few or many hours for a program to show up online, I just want to be able to watch the episode on-demand (WENT I WANT TO).

Happy 20th Birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog!!!

GO SONIC, IT’S YA BURFF-DAY!!!  GO SON……………….uh………….yeah….anyway…

It was 20 years ago today (June 23rd, 1991) that the original “Sonic the Hedgehog” game was released by Sega for the Genesis (or Mega Drive; depending on what country you live in) console in the United States, Europe, and Japan.  Sega is already celebrating by releasing the Sonic 20th Anniversary Bundle for download for the PlayStation 3, along with the 20-day-only temporary download of the demo for the new game, Sonic Generations.

Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind, WWF Mind Games, 9/22/1996

This could very well be my FAVORITE PRO WRESTLING MATCH, EVER.  If it’s not, it’s at least in the top half of my top ten favorite matches.

For some background, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels was in is first reign as WWF Champion after winning the title in a fantastic Iron Man Match at WrestleMania XII from Bret Hart (which I will DEFINITELY discuss at a later point and time).  The night after WrestleMania XII, Mankind (Mick Foley) debuted in the WWF, and after feuding with The Undertaker and eventually winning the managerial services of Paul Bearer (Undertaker’s manager), he would win the number one contendership for the WWF Championship at the Mind Games pay-per-view event.

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War of the Worlds + Video Games + Patrick Stewart = WIN!!

 = YAY!!!

Hold on!!

There’s going to be a new video game based on H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds?!”

And it’s going to be based on the original novel’s setting AND the 1953 movie’s time period?!

So it’s NOT based on the 2005 Tom Cruise version?!? Praise the Lord!!!

ANNNNNND it will be narrated by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, a.k.a. Professor Charles Xavier, a.k.a. MacBeth, a.k.a. “American Dad’s” Avery Bullock himself?! SIGN ME UP!!!!

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Look at this Recyclable/Nomadic Arena and KNEEL BEFORE IT!!

I suppose that after the natatorium used in China for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, the whole “design-your-arena-to-look-inflatable” thing is taking off pretty well with Olympic facilities.  Also, I’m not sure if there are bags or bins large enough to stuff this baby into for recyclables pick-up day during the week. Hmmm…

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Hello. My name is Montez, and I am a PracticioNERD…

What? I though that’s how we’re supposed to introduce ourselves when we’re about to tell our life story and attempt to be honest about ourselves. Oh well…

Coming from a childhood were I was regularly ridiculed for having a severe stuttering problem and asthema (yeah, kids are cruel), as well as having an enthusiastic interest in many thing related to science, technology, history, art, and various things that were not common trends or deemed “popular” or “in” at the time, I didn’t become comfortable in my own skin until my junior year of high school, and didn’t come into the realization and self-proclamation of being a “nerd” until I was in graduate school.

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