Team Hogan vs. Team Andre the Giant (WWF Survivor Series ’87)

The 25th annual WWE Survivor Series event took place last night at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  While keeping tabs on the match results on numerous wrestling websites, I started thinking about all of the classic matches from Survivor Series’ past.  All of that thought ended with my knowledge of the very first Survivor Series on Thanksgiving Night of 1987.

In 1987, fresh off the heels of Hulk Hogan defeating Andre the Giant to retain the then-WWF Championship at WrestleMania III that March, the rivalry between the two superstars continued.  The result of the increased interest and popularity of the rivalry resulted in the WWE creating a new event in November to capitalize on it. The event would be called “Survivor Series,” and would be centered around a series of elimination-style tag team matches.  The match above is the main event from the 1st annual Survivor Series on November 26th, 1987, as Hulk Hogan and his team competed with Andre the Giant and his team.



It’s Like A Blade Runner House!!

Quick question: when first looking at this house, Plot 4328 by Bernard Khoury Architects, who had the zigurat buildings from Blade Runner come into their mind? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?…… Continue reading It’s Like A Blade Runner House!!

Kinda Creepy FuncoLand Training Video…

Ah yes, FuncoLand; the precursor of the big-‘ol brick-and-mortar buy new/used and sell retail videogame stores.  I remember venturing FuncoLand numerous times back in the day, shopping for games for my Genesis, Game Gear, and Master System (yes, I was a SEGA kid; I even got the Game Gear TV tuner from there).

Well, in subsequent years, as result of business decisions and some sort of weird reverse osmosis, FuncoLand became the store we know (and love?) as GameStop, taking EB Games and Babbages along with them.  While, techinally, FuncoLand is no more, thanks to the all-powerful internet, their hideous and hilarious training video lives on forever (at lease until the zombie apocolypse occur).

The Mirrorcube Treehouse: Your Next Online Purchase?

Have you ever been so in touch with nature that you just have the urge to live amongst the trees? Ok, let me turn the drama down a little bit; Swedish architecture firm Tham and Videgård had been working on a conceptual house called the “Treehotel.” The goal of the prefabricated structure is to be able to provide cheap, sustainable living while being suspended among trees. AND YOU CAN BUY ONE NOW!! Continue reading The Mirrorcube Treehouse: Your Next Online Purchase?

Is That A Bench, A See-Saw, or Living Furniture?!?

What you see above is a little something called a Polymorphic Bench. What makes this nice piece of furniture interesting to me is that it features a unique mechanical design that enables the entire bench to alter its form and shape depending when and how someone sits on it. Continue reading Is That A Bench, A See-Saw, or Living Furniture?!?


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Put A Spotlight on Samsung’s NC215S Solar-powered Netbook.


Hey, see what I did there in the title?  Nice, huh?  Anyway, for anyone (and I mean “ANYONE” with an loud echo) who own a laptop or netbook, this should be a very interesting product and hopefully a sign of things to come. Here comes more green and energy-efficient technology headed to our computers. YAY SOLAR ENERGY!!!

This is Samsung’s NC215S netbook, and it features a lid that is almost completely covered by a solar panel that can power the computer while the user is taking care of some business or pleasure/entertainment on a bright, sunny day.  The netbook was originally introduced to the African market, then was released in Russia this past August for 13,999 rubles (which is approximately $479) and then the United States in the late-Summer of this year for about $399.  The solar panel on the netbook’s lid contributes to an overall estimated battery of roughly 14.5 hours.  The NC215S runs on Windows 7 (because, it’s not Vista), and sports a 1.6GHz N570 Intel Atom dual-core processor (one of my personal favorite processors), 250GB of on-board storage, and 1GB of RAM into its light 2.9 pound closure.

So now, everyone can have an excuse to work and play outside on their netbooks.  HOORAY!!!

[Thanks Engadget, SammyHub, & Liliputing]

Thank GE for the Edison Memorial Tower in Minecraft!

It appears that General Electric (GE) has enough time in their schedule — aside from creating, inventing, innovating and making money — to completely recreate the Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower into the popular sandbox independent video game Minecraft, designed by Swedish game creator Markus “Notch” Persson and his company, Mojang. Continue reading Thank GE for the Edison Memorial Tower in Minecraft!

The eT-Shirt, A New Advancement for Monitoring Patients

Scientists and researchers at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid created this particular high-tech tank top with a number of health monitoring tools embedded into the clothing’s fabric. These tools include: a removable thermometer, accelerometer and a GPS chip (which is actually housed in a pocket, but will be sewn into the fabric in later versions of the eT-Shirt).

The creators of the eT-Shirt have also integrated the shirt into the Locating & Biomonitoring by means of Wireless Networks in Hospitals (LOBIN) in order to assist in reducing hospital stay times and sent out SMS alerts to doctors and other members of hospital staff who are working with those particular patients to keep track of the wearer’s health.

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Ladies & Gentlemen, I Give You: The Ray Solar-Powered Charger

It’s a bright, sunny day. You’re traveling in the car and it packed with other people, all of them are using their electronic devices, ranging from phones, video game systems, etc. However, you’ve run into a problem; the car has only so many plugs for car adapters, all of them are being used, and your phone is running out of juice (AND YOU NEED IT FOR GPS!!!!). Enter The Ray Solar Charger.

The Ray Solar Charger is an invention from Brandon Craven, and this device has a suction cup around the solar cells and a tilting kickstand/support arm that can be used as cable storage, as well as allowing the device to be set in multiple positions to capture the maximum amount of sunlight.  The device’s other features include: compact battery stores enough energy to fully charge a cell phone, USB port allows for easy charging, suction cup attaches to windows, kickstand swings down for stability on flat surfaces, USB cords can be tucked for storage into kickstand when folded closed, and LED indicator light shows status of Ray’s battery.

The Ray Solar Charger is currently available for pre-sale only over at If enough people purchase this device for $39.99, it’ll hit full production and could be readily available for retail. Currently, the device is nearly 58% toward that goal.

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