Technology News

I love tech and gadgets, and I can’t get enough of them. Apparently, neither can most of you; how exactly are you reading this blog, or any other blog or website? Technology affects us significantly, primarily its constantly upgraded and advancing resources and conveniences that give us the ability to improve how we control and adapt to our environments and daily routines. My interest in technology started from wanting to know how things work, and I would enjoy disassembling and re-assembling video game controllers, flashlights, or anything else that was fairly simple to take apart and put together again. My first real electronics customizing experience was in Kindergarten, when I made a “safe-cracker” using a 200+ Electronics Projects Lab set my father bought me from Radio Shack. I love to check up on the newest advancements of technology in computers, phones, televisions, home stereo systems, internet, and basically anything that needs to be plugged in or need batteries to work.