Gaming News

Since I was 3 years old, I have always enjoyed playing video games.  I see video games as a great storytelling medium of interactive fiction and drama (in terms of plot, characters/character arcs, and narrative) in which the actions and decisions of the player can dictate the progression of the game’s story. I feel that video games help improve qualities such as: strategy, decision-making, hand-eye coordination, and visual-motor skills. The first system I played was either a Commodore 64 or Atari 7800 at the home of a Church Mother of my current church (back in the day when she used to babysit me), and as of today (20+ years later) I own a collection of 18 systems and over 500 games. I’m a Sonic the Hedgehog fan (through and through), I enjoy the Metal Gear series (and actually understand it to some degree), and my top 3 systems are the Dreamcast, SNES, and PlayStation 2. My two biggest gaming-related repair projects involved re-soldering the power supply of my Genesis, and replacing the entire case of my DSlite. In the future I hope to repair the speaker and replace the resistors in my Sega Game Gear. When it comes to the unique experiences of gaming, there’s nothing like playing “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” while listening to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” or the Mozart, Verdi, and Stravinsky versions of “Dies Irae” on loop. Try it; it’s pretty interesting.


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