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I always saw works of architecture as cultural and political symbols of the local area, as well as works of art. Historical civilizations (either still existing or not) are often identified and recognized by their surviving architectural achievements, in both structures and detailing. To me, architecture shows how buildings and structures are able to express powerful social forces of any era. Each building type, style, and movement embody the attitudes of our relationship with nature, our social relation with other people, the importance of the individual person or group, the value of the advances in science and technology, and the role of politics in our world. This interest led me to pursue a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M (as well as a minor in Art/Architectural History) and a Master of Architecture from UT-San Antonio. I’ve been fortunate to have interned and worked with architecture firms in San Antonio and Chicago (the mecca of American architecture; in my opinion), and be able to teach architecture classes while in the process of completing my academic studies.


  • Sun House / SAV Architecture + Design January 20, 2020 8:00 PM
    SAV shapes a poetic house that flows with the landscape - Located in the tropical and sea side state of Goa, in West India, the ‘Sun House ‘ , is designed by the London, Mumbai and Goa based SAV Architecture + Design . Inspired from the fiery nature of sun , the architects have created the house with local red laterite stone exterior walls , large sunscreens as well its double height brick inner entrance and living spaces.
    Pilar Caballero
  • Online Masterclass: Authentic Marketing for Designers and Design Firms January 20, 2020 7:30 PM
    IE School of Architecture and Design and ArchDaily would like to invite you to join this outstanding online masterclass by Vivien Chong, currently Associate Partner in the Total Workplace team in Cushman & Wakefield, where she will address how a designer or design firm balance being true to oneself while running a commercially successful firm.
    AD Editorial Team
  • Bridgehampton House / Resolution: 4 Architecture January 20, 2020 7:00 PM
    This custom modular home was designed to leverage existing prefabrication methods by working within factory limits to efficiently produce a home specific to the client and the site. Here, the client’s brief called for a casual, light-filled summer retreat, centered on maintaining a fluid indoor-outdoor connection with exterior spaces for lounging, playing, and entertaining.
    Pilar Caballero
  • El Sitio Restaurant / Estudio Alinea + Cristóbal Lamarca January 20, 2020 5:00 PM
    Restaurant located in Ensenada, Puerto Varas, south of Chile. Within a wooded area on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, this building is conceived as the founding project of a master plan with mainly tourist purposes, which covers the entire plot of two hectares. Being the main objective of the territorial organization, the opportunity to offer the visitant to recognize the different parts of the landscape; the lake shore, the beach, the riverbank and the forest where the building is located.
    Andreas Luco
  • Light Falls House / FLOW Architecture + Magrits January 20, 2020 4:00 PM
    The project consists of the practically complete demolition and reconstruction of the existing dwelling — a large four-storey end-of-terrace house, originally built in 1851 — together with the addition of a basement and a double-height rear-extension. Challenging the traditional way of inhabiting historical housing, the project responds to the needs of a family dissatisfied with the poor quality of light inside the building and with the compartmentalised Victorian layout. Spatial planning was driven by maximising the potential for natural light and the fluidity of the vertically stacked living spaces, in order to accommodate the client’s living requirements and their growing art collection.
    Andreas Luco
  • Bemglô Store / Vão January 20, 2020 2:00 PM
    Transform a half-buried garage into the first physical store of the multi-brand e-commerce Bemglô was the challenge faced on this project. Located in Oscar Freire Street, one of the most important commercial streets of São Paulo, the place is a reminiscent part of a building where some years ago another brand was already established.
    Pilar Caballero
  • Medckin Office / RA! January 20, 2020 12:00 PM
    Medckin offices, are located in the Santa Fe neighborhood, in Mexico City. The premises are located in a corporate building with a front of 13 meters and view towards the west pointing towards the hills of Cerro de la Cruz, raised to 70m above the bench level.
    Andreas Luco
  • The New Boston Dynamics' Spot 1.1 Revolutionizes the Construction Industry January 20, 2020 11:00 AM
    Design:ED Podcast is an inside look into the field of architecture told from the perspective of individuals that are leading the industry. This motivational series grants unique insight into the making of a successful design career, from humble beginnings to worldwide recognition. Every week, featured guests share their personal highs and lows on their journey to success, that is sure to inspire audiences at all levels of the industry. Listening to their stories will provide a rare blueprint for anyone seeking to advance their career, and elevate their work to the next level.
  • LEGO Parking House / CEBRA January 20, 2020 10:00 AM
    CEBRA designs playful façades for LEGO parking house. The five-storey parking facility is located in Billund and will serve the staff of the new LEGO Campus in the central part of the town. From the start it has been a desire from the Owner that the parking house façade design should have a relation to the LEGO brand. A LEGO City road facade “You understand the content of this building immediately”, Mikkel Frost founding CEBRA partner explains. “Moreover, it expresses the LEGO brand in its interpretation of the iconic LEGO City road plates originally designed in 1977 and still in production. We have simply “borrowed” the road plates from the children’s playroom and transformed them into façade elements by putting them on the front of our building”, Mikkel Frost explains.
    Andreas Luco
  • Tadao Ando Unveils Images of the He Art Museum, Under-Construction in Southern China January 20, 2020 9:00 AM
    Tadao Ando Architect & Associates revealed the design for He Art Museum (HEM), the first art museum dedicated to southern China’s regional Lingnan culture. Scheduled for opening on the 21st of March 2020, with an inaugural exhibition curated by Feng Boyi, entitled From The Mundane World, the Tadao Ando-designed museum will become a gateway for the arts.
    Christele Harrouk
  • How to Incorporate Gardens in Home Design January 20, 2020 7:35 AM
    Indoor gardens can contribute important benefits to home living, ranging from aesthetic beauty to improved health and productivity. Research has shown that indoor plants help eliminate indoor air pollutants called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that emanate from adhesives, furnishings, clothing, and solvents, and are known to cause illnesses. They also increase subjective perceptions of concentration and satisfaction, as well as objective measures of productivity. Indoor gardens may even reduce energy use and costs because of the reduced need for air circulation. These benefits complement the obvious aesthetic advantages of a well-designed garden, making the indoor garden an attractive residential feature on several fronts.
    Lilly Cao
  • Bjarke Ingels: "If we can Change the Climate of the World by Accident, Imagine What we can Achieve by Trying" January 20, 2020 7:15 AM
    Bjarke Ingels is one of the most well-known architects of our time. During a conversation in Copenhagen between Ingels and Sky-Frame, he discussed his point of view, creating reality, immense courage and the secret behind his unwavering pragmatism.
    Megan Schires
  • andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge / Fox Browne Creative, Jack Alexander January 20, 2020 7:00 AM
    Suspended on the horizon where the earth curves away from view and the sky reaches down to touch the sand, lies andBeyond’s Sossusvlei Desert Lodge. Designed by South African–based Fox Browne Creative, in partnership with Architect Jack Alexander, a supreme emphasis has been placed on the surreal desert landscape in which the lodge is set.
    Hana Abdel
  • Call for ArchDaily Interns: Winter/Spring 2020 January 20, 2020 6:30 AM
    ArchDaily is looking for a motivated and highly-skilled architecture-lover to join our team of interns for Winter/Spring 2020! An ArchDaily Content internship provides a unique opportunity to learn about our site and write engaging, witty and insightful posts.
    AD Editorial Team
  • Quincho House / Estudio VA arquitectos January 20, 2020 6:00 AM
    This weekend house is developed in a lot in Gonnet, with the particularity of being on a lot of 11.70m x 24m that overlooks an exterior avenue and the internal street of a closed neighbourhood. The request was based on developing a large meeting place as the main space with a large room that contains a reception space on the top floor that occasionally can function as a bedroom.
    Pilar Caballero
  • Snøhetta Selected to Design the New Visual Identity for the Open-Source Platform Wikipedia January 20, 2020 5:30 AM
    The Wikimedia Foundation selected multidisciplinary firm Snøhetta to develop the new brand identity for Wikipedia, its free open platform. Aiming to create visuals that push forward Wikimedia’s international commitment to “setting knowledge free”, the process will be entirely documented.
    Christele Harrouk
  • Stoss Unveils New Chouteau Greenway Plan for St. Louis January 20, 2020 5:00 AM
    Stoss Landscape Urbanism is leading a 13-firm team creating the new Chouteau Greenway Framework Plan for St. Louis. The framework plan consists of a series of geographic, equity, economic, architectural, programming, art and design guidelines that will serve as the master plan for projects. As winners of the competition, the team is exploring how to incorporate connection, inclusion, and joy along the Greenway.
    Eric Baldwin
  • Should Cities Make Public Transport Free? January 20, 2020 4:00 AM
    Around the world, cities are the “ground zero” of inequality and unsustainability. The two largest cities in the United States, New York City and Los Angeles, are also the two most unequal cities, and one-third of the United Kingdom’s poorest 10% of families live in London. Meanwhile, two-thirds of the world’s energy and 70% of global carbon emissions are attributed to cities. This leads to the question of how the evolution of public policy, and urban design, can strategically combat these two growing issues. Around the world, cities are looking to mobility as part of the solution, and in particular, asking a simple question: what if public transport was free?
    Niall Patrick Walsh
  • Villa Molli / Lorenzo Guzzini January 20, 2020 3:00 AM
    The context of the villa construction is Lake Como. The height of insertion of the building is the so-called “half hill” that is the part of mountain that is between the lake and the wood, the part that historically was to agricultural vocation. Among the “new wood” it is still visible the past presence of man, who occupied that territory with stone houses.
    Andreas Luco
  • Call for Entries: International Competition for the Planning and Conceptual Design of Phase 6 (West Area) of Qianhai Integrated Transport Hub and Upper Building Complex January 20, 2020 2:45 AM
    This announcement is hereby issued for International Competition for the Planning and Conceptual Design of Phase 6 (West Area) of Qianhai Integrated Transport Hub and Upper Building Complex, and excellent design agencies at home and abroad are invited to join. We desire to solicit the most creative design scheme with the international vision and high standards.
    Milly Mo