ESPN on the Tragic Tale of the Von Erichs

The Von Erich family is often considered to be the Kennedys of the pro wrestling business; a family blessed with good looks, near-limitless potential in their professions, and had their lives cut tragically short by sudden deaths.  Of Fritz Von Erich’s six sons (five of whom were wrestlers), only Kevin remains as suicides, drug overdoses, and childhood accidents claimed his other brothers. While it’s easy to throw around the word “cursed” when talking about trivial things like a baseball team’s World Series drought (**cough-cough** Chicago Cubs **cough-cough**), this scenario seems to be an apt one to use such a term.

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A Little Child RKOs Randy Orton Outta NOWHERE (and other theories)!

We’re not sure of this video’s context (or even how old it is), but it’s Randy Orton being RKO’d by a little kid and we’re calling it a Christmas miracle.  This YouTube version clips off the very beginning with Orton explaining to the kid that he’s gotta do the theatrics, and basically this is 10 seconds (ON LOOP) dedicated to making Randy Orton your favorite wrestler. Continue reading “A Little Child RKOs Randy Orton Outta NOWHERE (and other theories)!”

UPROXX Reflects on WWF Forceable Entry, 12 Years Later…

WWF Forceable Entry review

Of course, one of the trademarks of professional wrestling since the 1980’s has been music, primarily entrance music for the wrestlers.  From the early days of the WWF Wrestling Album in 198_ to the digital singles released today, we wrestling fans have been able to enjoy pumping up and jamming out to these tunes. Plus, we’d often imagining that WE ourselves are the wrestlers, walking down the ramp and jumping into the squared-circle (I’m POSITIVE that I’m not alone in this…).  UPROXX took a trip down memory lane to the year of 2002, when the World Wrestling Federation released an compilation album that combined rock/nü metal/rapcore talent (some may use that term loosely), entitled ‘WWF Forceable Entry’, and reflected in an interesting post-mortem 12 years after the album’s release. Continue reading “UPROXX Reflects on WWF Forceable Entry, 12 Years Later…”