The Evil Within Turned into a Two-Hour Horror Flick

What if you’re like me and you’re short on time and have a LONG on a gaming backlog, but you’re interested in playing The Evil Within? Gamebill Studio is here to help, and similar to their other projects, The Evil Within: The Movie comes with a few additions and improvements to help transition the game to a more movie-friendly format. In the words of editor Nabil … Continue reading The Evil Within Turned into a Two-Hour Horror Flick

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Looking for Nightmares? These New ‘Silent Hill’ Soundtracks Should Do The Trick…

With Halloween coming in a wee-little-bit over a week from today, so I want to send your way some appropriate music to celebrate the occasion by way of Sumthing Else Music. Why them, you ask? Well, I figured that you wanted to get into the holiday/celebratory spirit with newly-released digital soundtracks from some of the two recent Silent Hill games, including Silent Hill: Downpour (for the PS3 and Xbox 360) and Silent Hill: Book of Memories (for the PS Vita). Continue reading “Looking for Nightmares? These New ‘Silent Hill’ Soundtracks Should Do The Trick…”

MANOS May Get Released on Steam?!? It’s TORGO-TIME!

If someone says the name “Torgo” do you think about the movie Manos: The Hands of Fate, or the awesome Mr. Glenn Percival of PSNation fame? While the correct answer is actually both, but for the purpose of this blog, we’ll save the exploits of Mr. Percival for another time. Thanks to Valve’s Steam Greenlight initiative, it seems that the game MANOS (based on the cult film) will have an opportunity to reach a wider audience, especially if that same audience is not familiar with that legendary 1993 episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) that paid homage to the 1966 sci-fi film Manos: The Hands of Fate. Now MORE people will become familiar with Torgo’s (not Glenn’s) oddly-voiced predictions of the Master’s unfavorable nature.   Continue reading “MANOS May Get Released on Steam?!? It’s TORGO-TIME!”

New Trailer to “Evil Dead” Remake; You Have Been Warned!

I love the Evil Dead movies, and I am really hyped for the remake of the 1981 cult classic that is coming out this Spring (especially because a lot of the people involved in the original film are ALSO involved in the remake). For the uninitiated, Evil Dead (and this remake) is about a group of five friends who essentially barricade themselves inside a remote cabin, when they discover a mysterious book and unwittingly summon up an assortment of dormant, demonic spirits.  I really loved the first trailer released, but this second trailer is …well…it’s…WOW…just check it out after the break.  Fair warning though: it’s the red band trailer, so it’s REALLY gory and graphic. Like the title of this post states: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!   Continue reading “New Trailer to “Evil Dead” Remake; You Have Been Warned!”

The Dismembering, Freaky Zombie Plush Doll; D’AWWWW!

Oh ThinkGeek, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways….well, forget counting.

This Dismember-Me Zombie Doll is a 12-inch plush doll available at ThinkGeek and only costs about $13. It’s got gore, intestines and the sound of cracking bones when you pull off any of its limbs and head. Actually, there’s really no need to go into any further detail into what this nice little toy is about.   Continue reading “The Dismembering, Freaky Zombie Plush Doll; D’AWWWW!”