There’s a New ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Arcade Game on the Horizon…

Sometime last month, there was an announcement that a new TMNT arcade game was being developed (based on the recent Nickelodeon reincarnation),which would be featuring similar four-player co-op action that made Konami’s 1989 version and the Turtles in Time follow-up all-time classics. However, at the time of said announcement, there was no footage to compliment this (in the minds of TMNT fans and fans of fun video games) awesome bit of news. At least until now! Arcade Heroes spent some hands-on time with that game and captured a lot of gameplay footage, from a single player level (above), a level that could be played by three players (after the break), and Arcade Heroes hey also got to spend some hands-on time with the game, so you should check out their impressions here. Continue reading “There’s a New ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Arcade Game on the Horizon…”

#RememberTheRumble? #RememberTheRumbleCart!

I was one of the 52,020 people in attendance at the 30th annual WWE Royal Rumble at the Alamodome in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas this past Sunday night (following an excellent 3-day excursion through PAX South 2017), and overall the show was very entertaining with a few surprises. One pleasant surprise was the method of which some WWE Superstars made their way to the ring when their number in the Royal Rumble match came up. Continue reading “#RememberTheRumble? #RememberTheRumbleCart!”

The Adorable Animated GIFs That Brings Landmark Buildings to Life

Have you ever wonder what would happen if some of our favorite buildings became cartoons and were able to stand up and walk around? Designer and illustrator Michael William Lester has taken 20 architectural landmarks from around the world (from the Coltejer building to Wembley Stadium and One Central Park) and brought them to life in a series of animated GIFs. Plus, they’re so ADORABLE! Continue reading “The Adorable Animated GIFs That Brings Landmark Buildings to Life”

Live Your Dream of Designing Pinball Tables with this Drawable Pinball Machine!

Here in the good ‘ol US-of-A (or ANYWHERE that’s NOT Japan), it’s pretty difficult for pinball machines to compete with the advanced visuals of computer and home gaming consoles. It’s probably safe to say that VR isn’t helping things either, but what MIGHT help is the addition of an interactive element that would let players design their own tables. Enter artists Jérémie Cortial and Roman Miletitch, who’ve found an interesting method to make pinball great (and relevant) again. Continue reading “Live Your Dream of Designing Pinball Tables with this Drawable Pinball Machine!”

Why @WWESubway is the Perfect Wrestling GIF Account…

I’m both very happy and very confused that this has become a thing. It’s one of those things that can only happen on the internet and makes you debate on whether you should laugh or groan in anguish over its absurdity. Ladies and gentlemen, late last year, a new, special Twitter account was born, @WWESubway, which features a series of reaction GIFs taken from the professional wrestling world, and applied to every/anything that could happen to you at a Subway. We finally did it, folks; everyone can go home… Enjoy. Continue reading “Why @WWESubway is the Perfect Wrestling GIF Account…”

Here’s a 12″ Keyboard inside an 8″ Laptop. YAY MATH!

There's a 12-Inch Keyboard Inside This 8-Inch Laptop

Japan’s King Jim has found a clever way to make its Portabook XMC10 laptop even smaller than the smallest Macbook available. The ultra-compact laptop—powered by Windows 10 with a 2.4GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of flash storage and an 8-inch display— but the most interesting feature is the 12-inch folding keyboard. Yes, a 12-inch keyboard THAT FOLD so it can be stored with it’s computer with ONLY an 8-inch display. Like, WHOA!  Continue reading “Here’s a 12″ Keyboard inside an 8″ Laptop. YAY MATH!”

This Hydraulic Rig Turns GTA V Into an Awesome Theme Park Ride

What you see above is a video courtesy of the small-scale engineering outfit Force Dynamics shows a Grand Theft Auto V gaming session played using a seat designed to transmit motion feedback. What this reactive platform does, is turn one of the rides on Los Santos’ roller coaster from a passive side activity to something like those motion-feedback VR rides in amusement park. Continue reading “This Hydraulic Rig Turns GTA V Into an Awesome Theme Park Ride”

‘Back to the Future: Part II’ Expertly Edited, Showing the REAL 2015

Okay everyone, it’s been well over a month since Back to the Future Day back in October, and we all know this truth by now: the 2015 predicted in Back to the Future: Part II did NOT happen in real-life (not exactly, anyway). I mean, we have spec and expensive demonstrations of hoverboard devices, Nike has developed working self-“lacing” shoes, and we got Google Glass.  However, there’s no Jaws sequel, no dehydrating (and growing) pizzas, and the Chicago Cubs couldn’t get past the American League Championship Series to make it to the World Series (however, that does mean NO Biff’s Pleasure Palace, so….yay?). But that’s OK, we — and by “we,” I mean PistolShrimps — can just change the past by re-editing Back to the Future Part II to include things that DID happened in the year 2015. Continue reading “‘Back to the Future: Part II’ Expertly Edited, Showing the REAL 2015”

Barkley 2 Gets Even More Bizzare & Absurd With Turn-Based Basketball…

As someone who has played Barkley Shut Up And Jam on the Genesis, I was pleasantly surprised by the indie game that took the lore (as much lore as a street basketball game can have) and added a Japanese RPG flare. This resulted in the popular Barkley Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden.  After learning of a sequel being funded through Kickstarter (and its subsequent release date of early 2016), I was intrigued to find any new information on the game.  A few weeks ago at PAX Prime in Seattle, a playable version was shown and here’s what we have to go by now.

Before hitting the break, the actual FULL TITLE of Barkey 2 is this:

The Magical Realms of Tír na nÓg: Escape from Necron 7 – Revenge of Cuchulainn: The Official Game of the Movie – Chapter 2 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa

Got that? Don’t worry; I’ll be referring to it as “Barkley 2” from here on in.

Continue reading “Barkley 2 Gets Even More Bizzare & Absurd With Turn-Based Basketball…”

Pixar Employee Built an Adorable Robot that plays Peek-a-Boo

Someone at Pixar Built the Most Adorable Peek-a-Boo Playing Robot

Apparently, one of the job requirements listed on every working position at Pixar is that EVERYTHING that your create MUST be cute and adorable. Technical Director Alonso Martinez made use of this alleged job requirement (that I’m alleging) by designing and building this little robot named Mira. And yes, seeing this robot play peek-a-boo is probably the cutest thing you’ll see on the internet, until something involving a dog, cat or small child comes up — in other words, just wait 15 seconds… Continue reading “Pixar Employee Built an Adorable Robot that plays Peek-a-Boo”