New Monitor, Retro Games & Duke Nukem FOR-EV-VURH! – 1’Offs

In this edition of “1’Offs”, I show some things I picked up recently, including: a new wiiiiiiidescreen monitor, some retro Nintendo and PlayStation games, and the reason I buckled and bought one of the worst games in recent history… Continue reading “New Monitor, Retro Games & Duke Nukem FOR-EV-VURH! – 1’Offs”

James Bond Movie Collection & Unboxing – 1’Offs

The name’s McCrary. Montez McCrary. The PractitioNERD. Today I showcase my James Bond 007 movies, as well as perform an unboxing of more DVDs to complete my 007 collection. Also, “Never Say Never Again” doesn’t REALLY count, and I explain why.
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