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Hyperkin’s Game Gear/Master System/Master System Card Adapter for the Retron 5 to be released February 28th!

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I love my Retron 5. At its core, the Hyperkin-made system is able to play video game cartridges for the NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom, Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. Essentially, the Retron 5 plays an emulated ROM dumped from the original cartridge on a HD television via HD-friendly visual filters to select from. PLUS, you can save your game, take screenshots and add language translations for imports as patches! SCORE. But it seems Hyperkin isn’t settling with the Retron 5 being a 9-in-one system (or 10 if you have a Master System converter of some type), as this next announcement instantly caught my attention. Continue reading Hyperkin’s Game Gear/Master System/Master System Card Adapter for the Retron 5 to be released February 28th!


The Architectural Career of Sir Peter Cook to be Celebrated with the “80 at 80” Exhibition

Sir_Peter_Cook_VIP_launch_invitation.jpg (1757×2480)

Starting this Thursday, February 23rd 2017 (until March 10, 2017),  the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) will celebrate the opening of its new building located at 22 Gordon Street with an exhibition commemorating the work by legendary architect Sir Peter Cook. Why, you ask? The school’s exhibition celebrates Sir Peter’s 80th year and will recognize 80 of his most inspiration and innovative design projects. Plus, he WAS the chair of the school from 1990 to 2005, so….there’s that; he DID put that institution on the map by making it a leader in creative design after bringing in staff and students from across the world… Continue reading The Architectural Career of Sir Peter Cook to be Celebrated with the “80 at 80” Exhibition

A Redditor’s Video on the Evolution of Triple H & Stephanie McMahon’s Relationship…

Some things just don’t last, and the same can be said about things involving the business of professional wrestling.  We CAN say that one of more enduring things in the WWE has been the relationship between Paul Levesque (Triple H) and Stephanie McMahon, two of the most powerful people (on-and-off-screen) behind the most powerful wrestling organization in the world. Over the years, these two (both as themselves and as on-screen characters) have gone through their fair share of ups-and-downs, personality changes, and senses of style. But let’s be honest, we ALL do; I used to think wearing oversized and baggy shirts and pants back in the early-to-mid 2000s was all the comfort I needed. Continue reading A Redditor’s Video on the Evolution of Triple H & Stephanie McMahon’s Relationship…

Sony has released a PlayStation VR Music Video that you can walk around in…

I have been a proud owner of the PlayStation VR hardware since its launch last year, and for the past several months I’ve enjoyed playing VR-based games and demos, while also having a fun time playing non-VR games in theater mode.  VR, in general, is successful when the visuals and audio become optimally immersive, but most of the focus had been on visuals.  To show how capable PSVR can be by having the audio and other sounds adapt to your movement in the virtual space, Sony brought in violinist Joshua Bell to record a 360-degree virtual reality studio session at Air Studios’ Lyndhurst Hall in London. This project, which features adaptive audio and positional tracking, allows the subject wearing the PSVR helmet to semi-realistically “step inside” the recording studio.

Continue reading Sony has released a PlayStation VR Music Video that you can walk around in…

Some Brave Soul Just Completed ‘Resident Evil 7’ With Only A Knife On Hardest Difficulty…

The fastest speedruns being in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard are being finished on easy mode and use special weapons. However, one runner, a YouTuber who goes by the name Quizzle, went to the next level by upping the difficulty all the way to the game’s hardest difficulty (called Madhouse) and hacked their way through with a pocket knife and DOESN’T DIE ONE, SINGLE TIME! You might be asking yourself, “What is Madhouse mode” right now, so I’ll explain: Madhouse is Resident Evil 7‘s highest difficulty and only becomes available to select after clearing the game once. Madhouse mode rearranges the locations of key items, increases the toughness of all enemies (including making the relentless villain Jack Baker run faster than your character). YIKES!! The final time during this attempt clocked in at 2:49:13, which is roughly thirty-seven minutes faster than his first attempt. Impressive, indeed…

Finally, Zaha Hadid’s “Explosive” Drawings, Sketches & Paintings are on display in London

In a recent episode of Section D, Monocle 24 visit a new exhibition at London’s Serpentine Galleries showcasing the paintings of the late architect Zaha Hadid, who I profiled in a past episode of Doc’D. This episode provides an audio tour of the exhibit with additional commentary from the curator of the show. The art show was initially an idea between the gallery and Hadid, as the gallery aimed to present her as “an artist with drawing at the very heart of her work,” which included a variety of Hadid’s calligraphy drawings,  rarely-seen private notebooks that contain sketches that show “her complex thoughts about architectural forms and their relationships.”

© Hugo Glendinning
© Hugo Glendinning

Now You Can Watch EVERY DAY from Groundhog Day…AT THE SAME TIME!!

Groundhog Day is an interesting and unique movies that somehow has the ability to balance the weight of its central premise — which is essentially time-travel via the constant repetition of a single day — while still showcasing excellent character development and laughs. To be honest, it definitely helps with Bill Murray’s performance as weatherman Phil Connors, and you gain an appreciation for how well the detailed replication of that same, single day — including the people in the background of each-and-every scene, and Connors’ response to the situation, ranging from confusion to frustration, to arrogance, to depression, to benevolence to more — but that’s often only noticed if you’ve repeatedly watched the film over-and-over again.  So today, The PractitioNERD wishes to give you this wonderful present on this Groundhog Day  in the year of our Lord twenty-seventeen, and now you can take in the film’s central premise with this YouTube video, titled “Groundhog Day – Every Day in One Day.” Also, go watch Groundhog Day.

#RememberTheRumble? #RememberTheRumbleCart!

I was one of the 52,020 people in attendance at the 30th annual WWE Royal Rumble at the Alamodome in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas this past Sunday night (following an excellent 3-day excursion through PAX South 2017), and overall the show was very entertaining with a few surprises. One pleasant surprise was the method of which some WWE Superstars made their way to the ring when their number in the Royal Rumble match came up. Continue reading #RememberTheRumble? #RememberTheRumbleCart!

Check Out the Progress on Apple’s “Spaceship” Campus #2…

You recall a few years back when news broke of the futuristic design of Apple’s new campus (you know, the one that kinda looks like a spaceship), and we’ve been given trickles of information from the company on a near-monthly basis on the construction progress. Now, thanks to some aerial quadcopter footage (because they ARE NOT DRONES; I don’t care how quick and fancy it sounds) of how far the construction of the “spaceship” campus has come. Continue reading Check Out the Progress on Apple’s “Spaceship” Campus #2…

Roku – Geek Me Five #23

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing five simple and interesting facts about the Roku streaming set-top box.

1) The Official Roku website []
2) “19* Hidden Roku Tricks for Streaming Success,” PC Magazine []
3) The Official Roku Blog [] Continue reading Roku – Geek Me Five #23

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