The 4 Most Amusing Responses to Frank Gehry’s UTS Business School

Wow. This is just TOO easy…

Anyway, Frank Gehry inaugurated his first building in Australia, with the formal opening of the Dr. Chau Chak Wing Building at the University of Technology in Sydney (or the UTS, as all the kids call it). As his first in the country (and as with nearly ANY Gehry building), the building has provided a chance for a WHOLE NEW part of the world to offer criticism on the polarizing style of the world’s most well-known love-him-or-hate-him architect.  At least the media attention has given us some entertaining responses, both positive and negative. After the break, we round up some of the most amusing. Continue reading “The 4 Most Amusing Responses to Frank Gehry’s UTS Business School”

I Give You, Frank Gehry’s Design for Venezuela’s New National Music Center

With Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in attendance, Frank Gehry presented the model for the future National Center for Social Action Through Music building in Lara state. The project is Gehry’s second in Latin America, following the recently inaugurated Biomuseo in Panamá. Continue reading “I Give You, Frank Gehry’s Design for Venezuela’s New National Music Center”

Ladies & Gentlemen, I Give You….”Frank Gehry….THE MUSICAL!”

LUMA Arles Gehry ExhibitionFour years from now, Frank Gehry’s 180-foot-tall Arts Resource Center, complete with towers of pixelated-looking steel (you know, so it’ll be recognizable as a Gehry original), is set to open on a 20-acre former train repair site in the South of France as the centerpiece of LUMA Arles, an art and culture campus founded by Swiss collector Maja Hoffmann. However, before the tower joins the existing landscape, patrons will be getting an unusual introduction to the prolific designer. Artists Philippe Parreno, Liam Gillick and other various artists  — along with Serpentine Gallery co-director Hans Ulrich Obrist — are creating Solaris Chronicles, a dynamic show with dancing models acting as an homage to Gehry’s work, a definite departure from the standard presentations of architecture at an exhibition.

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Doc’D #9 – Frank Gehry

In this month’s episode of Doc’D, host Montez McCrary (in FULL hipster garb) is going to dig into the life of famous and influential architect Frank Gehry, his best design work, and what the man, the myth, THE LIVING LEGEND is up to now-a-days. Continue reading “Doc’D #9 – Frank Gehry”

Frank Gehry, architect of the Facebook HQ Expansion; “Like” if you Approve

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, has hired famed architect Frank Gehry to design a new campus headquarters outside of San Francisco Bay, California.  When I last written about Mr. Gehry, I praised his vernacular-based design choice for a home in New Orleans as part of Brad Pitt’s Make It Right organization, breaking away from is signature jagged edge and curvature designs.  For the Facebook headquarters expansion project, it seems that Gehry is again resisting temptation to place form over function, and is making both aspects work together 50/50.  A tip of my hat and a thumbs up to you, Mr. Gehry.   Continue reading “Frank Gehry, architect of the Facebook HQ Expansion; “Like” if you Approve”

Frank Gehry’s Vernacular New Orleans House; FRANK. GEHRY. VERNACULAR?!? WHAT?!?

Famed architect Frank Gehry has completed his first home for Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation. Located in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, LA, this two-family home is a new addition in a neighborhood that encountered some of the worst damage in the aftermath of the flooding during Hurricane Katrina.  The house also conforms to LEED Platinum Standards, which was due to the inclusion of weathering-resistant materials for the siding, an array of solar panels on the roof — along with the high-efficiency roofing– and many other eco-friendly products.  What make this piece of news newsworthy to me is that this house doesn’t seem like something that was designed by Gehry, as the so-called “starchitect” is known for his structures deemed “outlandish,” “over-the-top,” “attention-seeking,” and typically void of representing local vernacular. [PICTURES TO BE ADDED LATER; WORDPRESS EXPERIENCING ISSUES WITH DETAILED POST EDITING]
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Frank Gehry’s Residence, 2012 AIA 25-Year Award Winner; Can You See The House?

I hope you can see it; it should be the easiest Where’s Waldo puzzle you’ve ever come across (remember Waldo kids?). The American Institute of Architects (remember them) conducted an interview with famed architect Frank Gehry — the recipient of the 2012 25-Year Award and architect of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial project — to talk about his unorthodox residence in Santa Monica that has hugely impacted and influenced architectural practice and theory in the last 30+ years.  Plus, there’s a story that the Homeowner’s Association forced Gehry to put a chain link fence on the property, so he did; by incorporating it INTO the house itself.  Now that’s what we, on the internet, call “pwnage.”  Check out more about the house (and a video; ooh-la-la) after the break.

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Frank Gehry Pulls a “Jenga” for this Apartment Building

Architect Frank Gehry has now left his stamp in the city-state of Hong Kong, after doing so in Los Angeles, New York, Prague, Bilbao.  The recently-completed Opus Hong Kong is a 12-story residential tower, and the architect’s first in Asia.

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From Gehry Musicals to Cane Dewey – WIRed #111

It’s time for Episode 111 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses Frank Gehry the Musical, the awesome axial engine, the Game Boy Raspberry Pi Edition & the infamous “Cane Dewey” promo! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “From Gehry Musicals to Cane Dewey – WIRed #111”

The Dog House Frank Lloyd Wright Built is Better than Fallingwater (/sarcasm)

Now, I know that I may cause some sort of crap-storm for saying — or writing….or typing — this, but to anyone who studied and/or attended lectures about architecture may recall some stories concerning Frank Lloyd Wright’s well-documented reputation for having an ego, sometimes being a jerk; but hey, nobody’s perfect. However, despite that, this project shows that he did have a soft spot for children who were fans of his work (or the better to stroke his ego with…..yeah, nevermind).

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