Presenting Arcade1Up’s Outrun Arcade Cabinet!

Arcade1Up strikes again with another excellent addition to their line-up of 75%-scale arcade units for those of use who: 1) have great memories of going to and playing games at arcades, 2) want an arcade cabinet — or “cab”, if you’re nasty — at home that wont take up too much space and require little upkeep and 3) want to relive those cruising’ across the United States while impressing our girl in the passenger seat with our sweet driving skillz (yes, with a “z”). I personally credit games like Outrun in playing a part in my comfort and steering acumen when I’m behind the wheel. Now, without having to cough-up thousands of dollars on an actual Outrun arcade cab — ’cause I’m nasty like that — that may require some necessary upgrades (and a TON of space), we can now plop down $499.99 on their new Outrun cab.

No worries, though; you not just getting Outrun for your cool $500. You’re also going to get Turbo Outrun, Outrunners and Power Drift to enjoy as well! You can purchase the Arcade1Up Outrun cabinet RIGHT NOW, as it’s currently available from the Arcade1Up online store.

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