The Barcelona Pavilion Just Installed Some Freakin’ Lasers…

(c) Kate Joyce

I thinks it’s fair to say that Dr. Evil had a point, and now Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich’s legendary 1929 Barcelona Pavilion will be reaping the benefits. This new laser light installation, titled Geometry of Light, was created by Luftwerk and Iker Gil, and aims to use light and sound to showcase the building’s architectural elements and materials. Since the structure is a shining example of the modernist/international style of architecture, its gridded/open plan and vertical planes allow the installed lights will develop a interpretive layer that re-imagines the pavilion through highlights, animates and traces along and past the travertine floor and steel-framed glass walls.

(c) Kate Joyce

These animated projections work along with a custom-designed sound piece by Oriol Tarragó. In addition, a spatial installation of the soundtrack allows for an immersive experience. The Geometry of Light will stay open until Sunday, February 17 as part of the LLUM BCN festival and the Santa Eulàlia festivities. After this, the Geometry of Light will be installed at Mies van der Rohe’s other famous building (and my personal favorite of his work) the Farnsworth House in October 2019, coinciding with the Chicago Architecture Biennial’s third edition.

First the buildings, then the sharks…

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