Want to Create Web Apps but Have No Coding Experience? Try Bubble!

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Want (or need) to build a website or application but have now knowledge of coding and writing a web app from scratch? There are a huge variety of services available to use –from Blogger, to WordPress (**wink-wink**) to Squarespace — but a new, powerful challenger at entered, named Bubble.  Bubble is a startup — generating $115,000 in monthly recurring revenue without raising any money — that many companies, big and small (ranging from Qoins, Dividend Finance, Plato and Meetaway), rely on for creating web applications without the whole “not knowing the first thing about coding”-thing stopping them.  Plus, they take care of hosting your web app for you, and every time you resize your instance when your app gets bigger, you’ll pay more.

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Bubble recreates the major points of web programming into an easy-to-learn-and-follow visual interface. First, the design tab starts you with a blank, blank canvas where you can create web pages using the time-old method of dragging and dropping visual elements (text boxes, re-sizable images and maps, etc.) on that canvas on your screen wherever you want. Once you have things where you like them, you can take your creation for a test drive by clicking the preview button. Next, the second tab allows you to add elements to create chronological actions by setting some conditions within each block, thus creating some logic to your web creation. Then, the third tab allows you to add other details to the app’s database, like profile information, a sign-up element, and even import and export data. Projects created on Bubble support hundreds of plugins that allow you to accept payments with Stripe, use Intercom for customer support chat, and you can use your Bubble data outside of Bubble; like building an iPhone app that relies on your Bubble database.

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