The Marília Fit Restaurant Shows That It’s Hip To Be Square…

(C) Jomar Braganca

The Marília Fit, located in Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, Brazil, offers healthy meals — for breakfast, lunch & dinner — in its refreshingly, comfortable space, and the building’s design aims to contribute to that help people feel better. The restaurant building is comprised of different-sized rectangular wooden boxes of varied permeability that cover the walls, taking cues to the flavors and smells of a more traditional public market. The aim of David Guerra Arquitectura e Interior was to create a space that invited a high-class experience for not just eating, but also for a person’s well-being.

(C) Jomar Braganca

That concept also contributes to the yellow aluminum facade, which makes the building stand out. The color also refers to the bright sun and the summer season, along with the fun and exciting atmosphere that is often correlated with summer. The combination of the green rear wall to the yellow from wall (and the blue couch and red stairs) calls out to the natural environment of the aforementioned sun, trees, water, and fire hydrants.

(C) Jomar Braganca

The interior space features an Italian earthen toned floor, which provides the comfort and calm feelings among patrons. The architect designed the lighting system, which utilizes arrays of light in multiple directions, while the Gerbar brass fans are not only effective in providing cool air, but are also very silent. Some of the interior walls have dark gray and black accents to provide a slight variety of vivid colors, while still showcasing the wood interior.

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