Did You Know You Could 3D-Print Metal?! Did You Know It’ll Be EASIER to 3D-Print Metal Thanks to Desktop Metal?!

Desktop Metal’s two systems they released last year, DM Studio and DM Production, aimed to take care of every stage of the printing process (from early prototype to mass production) using its proprietary “microwave enhanced sintering” process, allowing the process to be as simple and easy-to-follow as 3D printing plastics. Now the company has added two new tools. First, Studio System+ offers additional functions, the capability to print smaller parts in higher resolutions, and livestream the printing process and job in real time. Second, Studio Fleet comes as a bundle of printers, debinders and furnaces that can rapidly fabricate complex and high-quality metal piece and can be orders in 2 configurations.

Ric Fulop, Desktop Metal CEO, told Digital Trends:

“The production of metal parts in low volume and high resolution presents significant challenges to manufacturers. For the first time, the Studio System+ and Studio Fleet enable batch processing for low-volume production of complex metal parts in-house. We’ve designed the technology to be an end-to-end solution, reducing both cost and lead time. Trillions of dollars are spent annually producing metal parts and we are just at the beginning of a 3D-printing revolution. We expect significant adoption of metal 3D printing over the next decade as technology develops and becomes more affordable and accessible to manufacturers.”

Desktop Metal sells its Studio System+ printer for $60,000, while the Studio Fleets go for $235,000 for the 3:1:1 and $315,000 for the 5:2:1 configuration. The intentions of both systems are for industry companies who are looking to prototyping or mass manufacturing metal elements, ranging from fabricating customized prototypes to producing replacement parts.

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