WWE, I KNOW You WANT Me to ‘Boooo’ Becky Lynch, but Nawww-Bruuuh…

I’m sorry, I just can’t…

The night of SummerSlam 2018 was home to a moment that many fans (like myself) of Becky Lynch have been waiting for. A heel turn. A chance to see a somewhat new dimension to her character (yes, I know she was a heel in NXT, but it was two-dimensional as she was essentially just part of Sasha’s heel posse ). This time, after watching the first-ever SmackDown Women’s Champion not get her chance to reign again, getting passed over by Charlotte Flair (so WWE can create a championship pedigree for her to match her father’s) and never getting even with winning the title back from quite possibly the best heel in the Women’s division, Alexa Bliss, the time was now. And it…was…WONDERFUL! It must have been, since WWE is scripting this for us to boo her, however all we can do is cheer for her

This time, her heel turn would have some pathos (re: the prior sentence) and would make sense. So, when Lynch attacked Flair after latter won the SmackDown Women’s Champion in a triple-threat match he inserted herself into just days prior (after Lynch had secured her spot in a one-on-one title match with then-Champion Carmella), it was almost 2 years of frustration exploding out of every fan who wanted to see Lynch take herself to the next level. Taking the story of the friendship between Flair and Lynch (including Sasha and Bayley), coming up in NXT (where Lynch never held the NXT Women’s Championship like Flair did), entering the main roster at the same time in the early official days (according to Stephanie McMahon) of the Women’s Revolution (where Flair would become the Diva’s and — later — Women’s Champion), to Lynch’s rise on SmackDown as the inaugural Women’s Champion on SmackDown, then her bouncing around the mid-card as Flair was having main event matches on RAW and pay-per-views, frustration will build. It built with Lynch’s character, it built with the fans (myself included), and things were about to come to a head. This is what a lot of wrestling fans, WWE fans, and fans of Becky Lynch wanted to see: a chance to see her grow as a character and an opportunity to add a new dimension to her. Guess what? It’s working. But probably not the way WWE had written it to be.


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