The Real-Life “My Neighbor Totoro” House People Used to be Able to Sleep In…

Screenshot: Hungry Dongry

While Studio Ghibli had actually built a real-life version of the house from My Neighbor Totoro in Aichi Prefecture, you weren’t allowed to spend the night in it. It turns out ANOTHER replica existed in Nagasaki Prefecture that patrons could spend the night for $45 USD (or 5,000 yen) a night. That doesn’t seem to be the case now, as this replica of Satsuki and Mei’s house is now managed by a local nursery school.

Screenshot: Hungry Dongry

Some of the last few people who were able to stay at the house include the bloggers Hiroland and Kaorin. Hiroland stayed at Satsuki and Mei’s house with family and highlighed some of the features that the children enjoyed (check out the makkuro kurosuke), while during their stay, Kaorin demonstrated the old-fashioned way of heating the stove.

Screenshot: Hiroland
Screenshot: Hiroland
Screenshot: Kaorin

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