Why — on God’s Green Earth — Would you Connect a Floppy Drive to your Android Phone?!?

And yes, when I say ‘floppy’, I ACTUALLY DON’T mean actual floppy discs this time; just their younger, next-generation 3.25″ slightly-evolved cousins. Anyway, YouTuber Clint Basinger of LGR demonstrates in this video that even though their’s no REAL reason to connect an “old” floppy drive to your Android phone via a OTB-to-USB type-C adapter, you totally still could if you wanted. You can check out the video above of Basinger loading up the classic sidescroller Commander Keen on his Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from the diskette drive. He doesn’t stop there, as Basinger also connects a USB hub to hook up a old-school Model M keyboard, just for matching aesthetics. Honestly, I can’t say I dislike this lovely convergence of old and modern tech working together for the sake of having a great time.


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