The Hábitat Learning Community in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, México

© Lorena Darquea

Lara Hermanos’ Habitat Learning Community is a school located in Santa Anita, Jalisco, Mexico that is focused on childhood education and development, operating with a new educational concept in Mexico inspired by Italian philosopher Reggio Emilia.  The building is a complex environment comprised of contrasts with multiple factors, plus it could aims to be a polysensory and self-learning space. Based on that, the Habitat Learning Community doesn’t resemble the traditional school building, but is instead a diverse, stimulating and welcoming environment.  The school’s program emphatically involves the development of each child with the relationship of the context. The building space is transformable and ductile, allowing different methods to experience and use it during certain parts of the day or any other time period.  This helps the child, who becomes the main factor, take part in a personalized, comfortable and safe space to help them in their self-learning.

© Lorena Darquea

The design project consists of various disciplines of the design, ranging from the generation of the facility’s name, it’s graphical representation, communication and signage, followed by the architectural project, lighting, interior design, industrial design, furniture and surrounding landscape. The school’s title takes (other than being short and easy enough to remember and pronounce in various languages) the philosophical proposals of Reggio Emilia to heart, including: respect, balance, coexistence, participation, collaboration, synergy and (of course) learning.  The Habitat Learning Community building’s design allows for a collaborative relationship with the interior and exterior spaces, where its users can experience harmony, interaction and balance. In the end, both the child and adult are given a stimulating wealth for the formation of the processes of knowledge, education and identity.

© Lorena Darquea
© Lorena Darquea


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