Apparently, Nathan Drake Doesn’t Lose Health, He Loses Luck in the ‘Uncharted’ Series…

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I have a question for any of my fellow gamers who’ve played an Uncharted game or two (or more). How many of you thought that while playing any game in the series and Nathan Drake’s UI turned red that he was getting hit with bullets and was losing health? You? You? You Too? Yup, include me as well. Well, it turns out that Mr. Drake is NOT the bullet-sponge that a majority of us assumed he was; the red UI changes actually reflect that bullets he’s dodging are chipping away at his luck, which is a finite resource. So, once his luck runs out, the next bullet will take him out of commission.

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This past Sunday, Naughty Dog animator Jonathan Cooper revealed that bullets aimed at Drake just straight-up miss him until Lady Luck finally gets annoyed and sells him out:

Former creative director and writer for the Uncharted series, Amy Hennig, made the confirmation that our boy Nate is just one really, REALLY lucky dude. The reasoning behind this goes to Drake’s creative origins; he’s supposed to be an homage to Indiana Jones and other charismatic explorers for old-school movie serials who happen to be favorites of Lady Fortune. That is, she turns her back on them.

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