In ‘Fortune 499’, Your Goal is to Stop Corporate Demon Takeovers. I’m Sold.

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In Fortune 499, developed by AP Thompson with art by artist Jenny Jiao Hsia and available on PC, players are placed in the shoes of main protagonist, Cassandra, a fortune-telling mage working for large corporation. As corporate downsizing approaches the company’s staff, Cassandra has to prove that her position as a soothsayer is a commodity for the corporation. Along with that, there’s an flood of aggressive monsters infiltrating the company, which gives Cassandra the perfect opportunity to read the future, kick some villainous butt, and prove her worth.

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The combat in Fortune 499 is literally magical Rock, Paper, Scissors (thus proving that the Alex Kidd series was TRULY ahead of its time), as the player casts spells for bonus buffs and extra attack opportunities by throwing down the your sign. The pack of cards that Cassandra wields can help her predict what enemies will do, as you can draw up to four cards per turn — each card provide just enough of a clue as to what the enemies will do next. This combat mechanic makes the battles quick and fun.

Don’t be fooled though, just because the combat uses a Rock, Paper, Scissors  mechanic, Fortune 499 WILL throw the player a few curveballs that will require some tactical strategy. Those curveballs are (and not limited to): monsters that can reduce your attack damage should you draw too many cards (limiting chances to see the future), and enemies only vulnerable to magic spells and can recharge if mana is pulled from the card deck. Should that happen, you’ll need to maintain a stalemate until you can cast any attack.

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Fortune 499 is a fairly short game that’s only a few hours long, but it will keep your attention during the course of it.

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