You’ll Might Start Seeing These AirPOD Nap Pods at an Airport Near You…

(Image credit: Airpod)

How many of you out there have endured the horror of a long layover at an airport and somehow didn’t lose your mind running mad thru said airport and/or sitting inside one longer than on your flight? But it’s OK, as most airports come with distractions and features like phone charging areas (don’t use them, just saying), WELL-overpriced food and snacks, and pricey books/magazines. OK, true, none of those things are THAT inviting, but I’m sure a perfect solution could be headed toward you, and that solution: nap pods!

Image result for airpod airport
(Image credit: Airpod)

The AirPOD nap pods aim to be that perfect solution that blends relaxation and entertainment for airport-goers and victims of the layover. You’ll be able to enjoy a nice nap at the airport, not have to spring for a hotel room (if your layover is a bit longer), and they’ll come with Netflix. The AirPODs will be available to rent by the hour, come with WiFi, air purifiers, luggage storage and the TV monitor.

(Image credit: Airpod)

Currently, the AirPOD nap pods will only be available in European airports for a test run this year. However, these pods are easily able to be shipped to airports around the world should the test runs prove successful. Plus, there exist similar business ventures in the US, such as Jabbrrbox at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport.

(Image credit: Airpod)

[Thanks Travel & Leisure]

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