The Spark of a Moment in the Diamond Dallas Page/”Macho Man” Randy Savage Rivalry…



back in 1997, World Championship Wrestling was at the height of its popularity, thanks to the rise of the New World Order and their tensions with the rest of the WCW roster. While the headlining (and, in the minds of many, the top) rivalry in WCW was Sting’s crusade to knock Hollywood Hogan down a peg, another, more personal, physical and bitter rivalry was taking place between Diamond Dallas Page and “Macho Man” Randy Savage. In fact, shortly after Savage joined the nWo, he physically attacked DDP and verbally attacked DDP’s then-wife, Kimberly, and after that, all bets were off. In fact, DDP had already had history with the New World Order before going head-to-head with Savage, as he was a former tag team partner of BOTH nWo co-founders Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. He was initially felt slighted when Hall and Nash recruited others into the nWo before him, but when DDP was about to be inducted, he turned them down — in spectacular fashion — and immediately became a target.


Weeks after Savage’s initial attack on Page, the animosity between both men was simmering, and finally boiled over in March of 1997 at WCW Uncensored’s pay-per-view event. Savage would expose the marriage between Page and Kimberly — something that most (if not all) WCW fans were not aware of — in order to get inside Page’s head and further enrage him. Their first in-ring meeting took place at WCW’s Spring Stampede pay-per-view event in April of 1997 in a No Disqualification Match. They continued to meet in-and-out of the ring throughout the year on episodes of Monday Nitro, and pay-per-view events like May’s Slamboree, the Great American Bash that June, July’s Bash at the Beach, Fall Brawl in September, and would conclude at October’s Halloween Havoc. The rivalry between Diamond Dallas Page and “Macho Man” Randy Savage was named by Pro Wrestling Illustrated as 1997’s “Feud of the Year”.




[Thanks WWE]

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