The Amazing, Sustainable Hovering Cube Home in Sydney…


How many times have you come across a building or a house, and you’re initial reaction was “who decided to build that” and/or “HOW did they manage to build that”? Reasons for this burst of wonder could range from a house built on a small parcel of land or some futuristic home injected in the middle of same-y, cookie-cutter developer homes.  However, it could a case similar to the North Avoca Studio home in Sydney, Australia by architect Matt Thitchener, in which the building in question essentially defies the odds as it literally hovers above the ground! Nope; I’m NOT kidding…


This home was sustainably built and constructed in the center of difficult geotechnical conditions, in which special footings had to be designed to keep it in place. Additionally, all materials had to be crane-lifted into the site due to an existing house being in the way, AND that same path leading to the site was a restricted pathway. The roof of the house, made of solar panels, help power the house and store any leftover energy.

According to the cube home’s architect Matt Thitchener, the idea behind the home is:

The North Avoca Studio is located in the highest point of a steep site, tucked under a low retaining wall and obscured by hedging. Its placement on site didn’t exactly line up with planning rules – its a great example of a project that required an alternate solution for a better project outcome on the site.

A space for meditation, for work and for play.

It is tucked into just the right place to allow both a level of obscurity from above and an incredible view of the Pacific.

[Thanks Architecture and Design]

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