The Albany by RKD Architects is NOT in Albany; It’s in Dublin. So, There You Go…

© Ste Murray

The Albany, located in Dublin, Ireland and designed by RKD Architects, is a modernist-style pavilion (measuring at nearly 4,900 square feet) that aims to reinterpret the seaside villa house type. This visually distinct building — compared to the surrounding ones — is built on one corner of the build site and utilizes a varied mix of materials and features a new structure frames for viewing the nearby Dublin Bay.  The existing site was lowered to create a garden — while accessible from all of the building’s bedrooms — that would add seclusion and privacy to the site. The exterior showcases a reinforced concrete frame with seamless glass ribbon windows along the main upper floor, while seemingly floating above the lower level plinth; intentionally done to resemble the seawall and to evoke the Martello towers located along the local coastline.

© Ste Murray

According to RKD Architects, the client wanted a home that could accomplished being BOTH modern AND timeless, while still being sympathetic to the context of the local buildings. This is especially so since The Albany is among the first new buildings along the Monkstown promenade in 150 years.  As a result, the home became a well-integrated fusion of natural materials, expert craftsmanship, modern amenities and green, renewable technologies.

© Ste Murray
© Ste Murray
© Ste Murray
© Ste Murray

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