The Shenmue 1 & 2 Collection Is Coming Out Year?!? **faints**

**wakes back up**

Huh? Whaaa? What happened? What did I miss? Ok, this is one of those things that’s both FOR me and NOT for me. You see, I was a fan of the Sega Dreamcast (despite not owning one; I played on a friend’s console) and of Shenmue when it was released (again, I played it on a friend’s Dreamcast). I even got my hands on the Xbox port of Shenmue II despite not having an Xbox at the time; yeah, I had it pretty bad. based just on that alone, imagine how much I fanboyed when the Shenmue III crowdfunding campaign was announced a couple of years ago. Anyway, SEGA recently announced at FES 2018 that HD ports of Shenmue and Shenmue II are being brought over to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in North America and Europe, while being exclusive on PlayStation 4 only in Japan.

Image result for shenmue i & ii

According to SEGA, who confirmed the Shenmue I & II collection will retail for $29.99, the collection will contain the “definitive versions” of both games, the option of Japanese or English voiceovers, modern or classic controls, scalable resolution, and “PC graphics options.” While both PS4 and Xbox One owners can select digital or physical versions of the game, PC owners will have to purchase digitally only via Steam. I personally suggest that if you missed your first chance to play what I believe to be one of the greatest games ever, don’t miss this opportunity to at least give these games a try when the Shenmue I & II collection launch later this year. Also, keep a look-out for some sailors!

Image result for shenmue looking for sailors


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