The Coastal Craftsman Tiny Home Goes ALL IN on Interior Design…

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The interesting puzzle of living in a tiny home involves cutting down on size while also having optimal living space. While many tiny home builders and companies get pretty creative when designing the layout of the home, this often leaves out several opportunities for expressive interior design details.  This is not the case of the the Coastal Craftsman tiny home by Handcrafted Movement, which took the road-less-traveled by not sacrificing intricate interior design in a tiny home. Handcrafted Movement — a company based in Washington that has been featured on HGTV, Curbed, Country Living, Architectural Digest, Today, and more — was “born out of a desire to pursue excellence and creativity. This is about more than just creating products. This is about questioning the status quo and finding a more excellent way in all that we put our head, heart and hands to. This is about playing a part in the rebirth of American quality, ingenuity and pride in manufacturing.”


Coastal Craftsman Tiny Home by Handcrafted Movement

The Coastal Craftsman home measures in at only 238 square feet, which sounds REALLY SMALL for a space that someone can actually live in full-time. There are people who automatically dismiss apartment units that are 500 square feet, and the Coastal Craftsman is HALF the size of that. This tiny home pulls of the ability to create the illusion of more space (a goal of many a tiny house) while still showcasing its interior design features, like distressed oak hardwood flooring, a walnut dining room table, walnut accents throughout the home, and other comforts like a built-in coffee counter, a bathroom vanity, an electric fireplace, and a pretty spacious closet with a hanging rod.

Coastal Craftsman Tiny Home by Handcrafted Movement

Coastal Craftsman Tiny Home by Handcrafted Movement

Coastal Craftsman Tiny Home by Handcrafted Movement

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