From Private Home to Multipurpose Facility, or the Barn at Critter Creek by Furman + Keil Architects (Or BOTH; No Need to Pick Sides…)

© Dror Baldinger

In a previous life, Critter Creek existed as purely residential home for over 20 years, but its time was running out as it was scheduled for demolition for the family’s new home.  However, the family and design firm Furman+Keil Architects opted to re-purpose the building and relocate it to a new location in order to preserve the memories and spirit of the place.

© Dror Baldinger

First, the exposed timber frames and rafters were dismantled carefully and organized for optimal reassembly. Then, during reassembly, the rebuilt timber frames are connected with new galvanized steel connectors, allowing for the extension of the entire interior of the barn.

© Dror Baldinger

Now, the new building allows for spaces for parties and get-togethers, repair jobs, art projects, maintaining vehicles (as well as storing them), and has a new mezzanine that utilizes the high ceilings and divides activity spaces.

© Dror Baldinger

Additional work included quarrying rocks from the site to build the two end gable walls, the cantilevered steel brow to protect the five garage doors made of aluminum and glass. The project also added two large dormer cross-ventilation and natural light fill the space while reusing the original Douglas Fir interiors to retain the memories created and lived in the older home.

Courtesy of Furman + Keil Architects
Courtesy of Furman + Keil Architects


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