Meanwhile in China, Ford & Alibaba Will Have a Vending Machine to Dispensing Cars

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As someone who’s recently experienced the (streamlined and painless) process of purchasing a new car via a vending machine — what up, Carvana? –, it looks like Ford will be getting into the car dispensing game too. Well, at least in China; pronounced “chyyyyyn-nahh”. In fact, the American automaker is partnering with Alibaba to build a vending machine for cars that you can try before you buy with the sales agent constantly selling (or badgering; you be the judge) you about the car. The Super Test-Drive Center in Guangzhou was actually announced at the end of 2017, and the vending machine — which has a capacity of 42 cars — will disperse out vehicles for prospective buyers. Well, potential buyers can test the cars after they’ve paid the required fees using Alibaba’s Tmall app and supplying a good-old selfie for identification purposes.



Customers can select from 10 different models, ranging from the Mondeo to the Explorer and even the Mustang, and spend the following three days test-driving around town before returning it to the machine when it’s somebody else’s turn. Users with specific Tmall profiles can be offered discounts based on their shopping profiles in order to persuade them to purchase a new car. However, unlike the permanence of a Carvana, Ford and Alibaba are running this campaign for is a limited-time deal that will run between now and April 23rd. Maybe this test run my lead to something for permanent as far as car vending machines at auto dealers in China. That is, unless Carvana decides to expand over there first…

[Thanks Gasgoo]

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