The Wave, A Wearable MIDI Music/Sound Controller In The Form of a Ring

Genki Instruments is attempting to create one wearable sound controller ring to rule them all (sorry; had to do it).  The Wave is a MIDI controller housed in a wearable ring that controls sound, allowing you to play and modify sounds in thin air as it’s being made.  Essentially, it allows you to create and perform music in multiple, varied ways and is designed to work with keyboards, guitars, and even multiple music apps, such as Logic.


The device and the system works by assigning a certain sound or function to a certain gesture you make. For example, you can program it to turn an audio sample up and down by waving your hand, or trigger a specific sound sample just by tapping a specific finger. The Wave costs $129 for early bird pre-orders, and will sell for $200 later. Genki Instruments IndieGoGo campaign has already raised $43,000 and they have a working prototype. The Wave is scheduled to begin shipping next December.

So...What Do You Think?

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