Here Are Some of the Rules & Regulations of Pro Wrestling in Louisiana in Place for WrestleMania Week

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Learning is a wonderful thing that I refuse to take for granted. Practically everyday we have a chance to learn some new fact, story, skill, and various other things everyday. This past week, I learned of the certain rules that WWE, WrestleCade, ROH and several promotions headed to New Orleans for the week of WrestleMania 34 have to abide by. This information is all thanks to an interview from Post Wrestling’s John Pollock with Russell Naquin of the Louisiana Boxing and Wrestling Commission.

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Naquin oversees pro wrestling in Louisiana, and he discussed in the interview that these are some rules that will be in effect during WrestleMania week for all promotions who’ll be running their own shows:

  • No blood is allowed in pro wrestling events in Louisiana. Typically, WWE follows this rule anyway, however they’ve made exceptions sometimes over the years.
  • Piledrivers are banned in Louisiana, which is a result from an injury that happened in a wrestling match years ago.
  • Every promoter has to have a license to run shows in the state, but licenses can be loaned by their holders. In other words, if you’re a licensed local indie promoter in Louisiana, you can let an out-of-state promotion use your license to run a show.
  • All wrestlers have to show recent blood tests that prove they’re negative for HIV and Hepatitis B and C .
  • On the day of a show, the promotion has to show all their paperwork, including the blood test results of their performers.
  • A wrestler’s license in Louisiana costs $25.
  • Wrestlers will be subjected to a ringside physical on the day of the show. The commission will provide an official and an EMT at every show.

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