After His Surprise Royal Rumble Appearance, Rey Mysterio Is Heading To New Japan Pro Wrestling

UPDATE (3/22/2018): Due to an injury and rumored WWE return, Mysterio was pulled from the event:


It seems that Chris Jericho’s method of going from a recent WWE appearance and/or active participation to taking matches for the promotion from the Land of the Rising Sun. Rey Mysterio will soon be making his New Japan Pro Wrestling debut for the promotion’s return to the United States, coming right of the heels of his exciting and excellent appearance at last month’s Royal Rumble. During NJPW’s New Beginning event, the legendary cruiserweight appeared on screen to challenge another legendary cruiserweight, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, for a match at NJPW’s Strong Style Evolved in Long Beach on March 25th.

Long-time wrestling fans will know that this won’t be the first time Mysterio and Liger have gone one-on-one, as both men have faced off during their days in World Championship Wrestling (see above video for one of those matches in WCW). I think that the already sold out crowd and those watching at home will be very happy for this chance to watch it again. Who knows, maybe Mysterio can work out an appearance at the WWE’s Hall of Fame ceremony (maybe as an inductee) and at WrestleMania since those WWE events are two weeks after NJPW’s Strong Style Evolved? A man can dream…


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