The “Trace” App by Morpholio Lets You Update Construction Design Changes On The Fly!

I recall in my days in the world of architecture as an intern where I’d go to job sites to document existing features, take measurements, and make changes to exiting construction documents on paper and digitally in AutoCAD — or even searching and finding the original construction documents in the school district archives because the school claimed to have lost them; I’m looking at you Alamo Heights ISD.  Anyway, more times than not you’d be on a project site and find  a problem that needed immediate attention. The problem is that once the project heads to the Construction Administration phase is NOT the best time for big design changes, new field conditions, client changes, errors, etc., etc…. Thankfully, Morpholio has updated their TracePro iPhone app, allowing users to alter job sites by simply “importing key components of the design process into the Construction Administration phase.”

The TracePro update aims to provide these five main services:

On-Site AR Drawings
Quick & To-Scale Markups
To-Scale Site Maps
Link Photos and Dimensions to Elevation CA Drawings
A Full Set of Construction Drawings and Scaled Pictures in the Palm of Your Hands

According to Morpholio’s press release:

“Architects need tools not just for reporting, but also more importantly for thinking, collaborating and drawing during the construction of their work. TracePro not only answers this, it boldly flips the understanding of CA, and gives power back to architects as the creative during any challenging phase of a project.”

Morpholio Co-Founder Anna Kenoff stated:

“CA (construction administration) is the crux of the process and built work. Design does not just happen at your desk, and there is absolutely no reason it should have to. We have the most advanced tools for every step of the process. Why would we not want them during construction?”

So...What Do You Think?

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