Bray Wyatt got his Customer Service On by Helping A Stranger In Walmart Find His Action Figure…

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Since his days in NXT, there’s never been a moment where I’ve (or in fact, MANY of us) questioned the performance, entertainment and wrestling abilities of Bray Wyatt, but this story also makes him out to be a pretty decent guy.  Courtesy of WWE artist Rob Schamberger, we finally have a story to prove that, and it involves an action figure, an autograph, a Walmart, his step-grandmother-in-law (I’ll get to that in a bit), and the Eater of Worlds himself.

The story apparently goes a little something like this: Schamberger’s wife Katy’s stepmother’s mother (told you I’d explain it later; it still took me a bit to wrap THAT around my head) was at a local Walmart to purchase some of Mattel’s WWE Elite action figures.  Her knowledge of pro wrestling was pretty limited, so while standing in the WWE toys section, she asked a fellow shopper for some advice. That fellow shopper turned out to be former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt, and he stepped in to help. Here’s the text conversation between Schamberger’s stepmother-in-law and himself:

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