Who do YOU have winning the First Women’s Royal Rumble?

I know, I know; there was an architecture story this past Monday, meaning there’s a Video Game story later in the week. So, why is there a Pro Wrestling story in the middle, you ask? Well, the usual Pro Wrestling story next week will still happen, but that’s AFTER this year’s Royal Rumble, which I want to talk about BEFORE the event. According to SportsBettingDime, the current favorite to win Men’s Royal Rumble is Shinsuke Nakamura (+250), and I want this too, especially after their classic Wrestle Kingdom match a few years ago and the tease during last year’s Smackdown Money in the Bank Match. But every year there’s a pool asking who’s winning the Men’s Rumble match, so the most intriguing question this year is who’s going to win the FIRST, WOMEN’S Royal Rumble match?


HEAD: Asuka

It’s easy to just assume that the undefeated “Empress of Tomorrow” will continue her no-loss streak from NXT to the main roster to victory at the first Women’s Royal Rumble match this Sunday. However, not winning the Rumble never technically counts as a “loss”, and assuming the Raw Women’s Championship stays on Alexa Bliss until WrestleMania, I can think of a MUCH better Raw Womens Title matchup that would make MUCH better sense story-wise…

HEART: Nia Jax

The “Wrecking Ball with A Million-Dollar Smile” is my favorite to win the first Women’s Royal Rumble match, Raw or SmackDown. First, it seems that creative has FINALLY been finding better ways to present her intimidating physicality and dominant presence whether she wins or loses a match. Second, this one-time ally to Alexa Bliss never truly closed the book on her rivalry with the current Raw Women’s Champion, leaving a Jax v. Bliss Raw Women’s Title match at WrestleMania a perfect to bookend that story. Hopefully the Enzo angle won’t be a negative factor in this…


HEAD: Natalya

This pick has history, family and legacy written all over it. I’ve never really liked how Natalya had been portrayed as a heel, as her villainous actions come off as too passive, but I still see potential in Nattie returning with some of that RUTHLESS AGGRESSION she showed when she was teaming up with Beth Phoenix back in the day. I’ve always been a fan of hers, and I just wish that creative took her more seriously as a singles heel. And no, I haven’t forgiven WWE creative for giving her that stupid farting angle years ago. Ay, Dios Mio…

HEART: Becky Lynch

I think it’s high time that the very first SmackDown Women’s Champion not only win the Women’s Rumble match, but also avenge her WrestleMania 31 loss to Charlotte Flair by winning the title back, this time from Flair, in New Orleans at WrestleMania 34. Becky Lynch winning sets up a great match between half of the WWE’s Four Horsewomen in a friend v. friend feud — which, if the match history involving these two tells us, could lead to a great ‘Mania match — , especially since, honestly, the women heels on SmackDown aren’t that captivating to me (well, except maybe the 1st Ms. Money in the Bank Carmella and the Riott Squad).

Well, that who I’ve got. How about you?

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