The More You Use This Memo Pad, More Architectural Sculptures Are Revealed…

Japanese company Triad created this unique set of memo pads, called Omoshiro Blocks (or “fun blocks”), which slowly reveals an architectural sculpture as you remove each page from the pad. It’s almost like you’re excavating a historical structure while making daily reminders to yourself! SCORE! Thanks to the precision of laser-cutting, these Omoshiro Blocks let it users make notes on over 100 appealing sheets of colored paper, while at the same time unveil amazingly detailed 3D architectural treasures distinctive to each note pad.  The pads contain tiny paper replicas of historic sites, ranging from the Tokyo Tower, to Sensō-ji, to the Buddhist Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, and more.

The memo pads don’t ONLY contain sculptures of architectural designs, as they also include detailed cutouts of people, cameras, musical instruments, local floral, and even some transportation vehicles like boats and trains. These Omoshiro Block memo pads now go for between 4,000 and 10,000 yen ($36 and $90 US), but stock and availability (not-shockingly) fluctuates. So, until these “fun blocks” make their worldwide début,  check out Triad’s Instagram feed for a lot of wonderful, beautiful examples of the original Omoshiro Blocks.

[Thanks Colossal]

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