At #CES2018, ‘Retron’-maker Hyperkin showed off its Game Boy Clone System

With the influx of cloned retro systems (standard-sized and micro-sized), this has become a great way to experience — for the first time ever or in a while — older games on newer hardware.  Via a report from Gizmodo, Hyperkin, the makers of the Retron 5, unveiled their clone system to the popular Nintendo Game Boy, temporarily called the “Ultra Game Boy”; that will DEFINITELY be renamed for trademark and copyright reasons (because DUH). However, that codename is a great description of Hyperkin’s hardware, which aims to improve on Nintendo’s original Game Boy in many ways that won’t impede on the system’s classic gameplay. In yet, they DID release their take on the original Xbox’s “Duke” controller because REASONS…

The Ultra Game Boy’s housing — which appears to take pointers from the Game Boy Pocket; MY FAVORITE — is made from aluminum, which allows for a bit of extra weight as well as more durable shell that than take a bit of a beating.  While the Ultra Game Boy carries over the original’s volume and contrast dials, Hyperkin will add a third and final dial that adjusts the new backlit LCD display through the entire RGB spectrum. Also, the backlight can also be turned off, you know, for that hipster-ish, authentic, Game Boy gaming experience. Other new features include a built-in six-hour battery (charged via a USB-C port) and a pair of stereo speakers with left and right audio-out connections, so now stereo sound in no longer a headphones-only feature!

Hyperkin hopes to have the tentatively-named Ultra Game Boy ready for release later this Summer at under $100, and while it’s confirmed to play all of your classic Game Boy games, it MAY possibly even play your Game Boy Color cartridges. We hope; we’ll see.

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