The Leewardists Ask: What If OTHER Professions Designed Buildings?…

Courtesy of The Leewardists

The comic strips from The Leewardists aren’t unfamiliar to us here at The PractitioNERD, as their humorous take on the architecture culture and profession strikes our funny bones with perfect accuracy.  In the above comic, The Leewardists image an alternate take on how buildings would be designed if left solely to landscape architects, structural consultants, fire fighting consultants, sustainability consultants and government consultants. Of course, this is all in good fun, but it also reminds us that it’s the job of architects to act as the negotiator and take the input from the third parties while also maintaining the project’s overall aspirations. Though I’m sure some architects wish of an alternative universe where they could design without mechanical, structural or regulatory measures, that definitely wouldn’t be for the best, as that could likely trigger a Rapture-like disaster.

You can follow The Leewardists on Facebook, Instagram and their website.

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