Macaulay Culkin Used ‘Home Alone’ Tactics & Traps To Help Santa Win A Wrestling Match

It’s stories like these that remind me how much I love professional wrestling…

One week ago, Los Angeles-based Bar Wrestling held its final show of the year. This promotion’s shows are so well-received and in such high-demand that many shows are standing -room only. They’re kinda of like CHIKARA and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), as Bar Wrestling puts on a fun show filled with some of Southern California’s best wrestling talent (here’s some of their DVDs/Blu-rays from Highspots). On their last show for 2017, Joey Ryan dressed up as sexy Santa Claus and teamed up with Candace LeRay (dressed as an elf) and Dick Justice (as a “Supercop Santa”) against “Professional” Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas and (Horn)Swoggle. My match was really funny and…wait…hold on…is…is that…THAT’S MACAULAY CULKIN SITTING IN THE FRONT ROW!

What ultimately takes the cake is that Culkin actually got involved in the match, and that he utilized tactics and traps from Home Alone within the context for professional wrestling. He used some blocks and marbles to give the bad guys the slip — a’la the Wet (and later Sticky) Bandits — and hit Swoggle in the face with a paint can! He finished things off with a body splash from the ring ropes to help the Santa/Elf-clad good guys the win.

“Home Alone” chants. “HOME ALONE” chants! Like I said, GOD I LOVE PRO WRESTLING!

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