NBC is, AGAIN, Trying to Adapt UK Tech Support Sitcom ‘The IT Crowd’…

I suppose that the old adage is true: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again; some things, however, should just be left alone as God’s way of saying “this is not to be.” For the — say it with me now — THIRD TIME, NBC will be adapting the hit UK Channel 4 show, The IT Crowd. If you think this sounds familiar, it’s because in 2007 NBC (after their success with another BBC hit, The Office) made a pilot staring Joel McHale, Richard Ayoade (from the original show) and Jessica St. Clair, and tried again in 2014 (which went nowhere). I suppose this also proves that even adapting one project into a new project can involve some “turning it off and on again;” Lord knows how many IT tickets I’ve personally encountered when THAT was the solution…

While the attempt in 2007 was essentially a piece-by-piece clone of the UK series, this version will be a “re-imagining” of the original series, as the show’s original creator, Graham Lineham, will be writing and producing. While the new show will revolve around tech workers in the IT department of a giant corporation, Lineham confirmed on Twitter: “Oh, yeah. Working on it. Don’t expect the same kind of show and EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY.”

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