When a Public Library in Wisconsin hosts a Pro Wrestling Show…

Those of use who have attended professional wrestling events are accustomed to them being hosted in from football stadiums, basketball/hockey arenas and local gymnasiums.  I for one have attended wrestling shows in parking lots, carnivals/fairs, VFW halls, stage theaters, night clubsand bar/grill restaurants, and these locations are very creative from a logistical point-of-view. It really rings true that pro wrestling can really work anywhere, and it seems that the Milwaukee Public Library are believers (or BO-Lievers) in that philosophy, too.


Back on December 1 — as part of their “Library Loud Days” series — the Milwaukee Public Library teamed up with popular independent wrestling promotion Mondo Lucha to run a free, family-friendly show. It definitely seemed to work, as about 500 tickets were claimed ahead of time, making the event a sold-out show; if you were unable to attend, the Milwaukee Public Library live-streamed the entire event on Facebook.  Some of the wrestlers that were scheduled to appear included Xavier Mustafa, Isaias Velaquez, and TNA/Impact/Global Force Wrestling (LOL) wrestler DJZ. An extra bonus was that Mondo Lucha gave away lots of posters and luchador masks, and even used the library’s multimedia equipment to let fans record and edit their own promos. You can watch the archived livestream of the show below, however the audio for the first few minutes is a little borked, but it works itself out soon enough.

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